Agility Desktop: New Feature

14th February 2013

We're pleased to announce another new feature on the Agility Desktop Service which will help customers "self manage" access when something unexpected happens.

Under normal conditions, the Agility Desktop service is designed to let you pause/resume your work - overnight, when moving from one computer to another and so on. Customers tell us they love this feature as it makes hot-desking and home-working far easier.

Occasionally though, something might happen to a bit of software you use, and you want to completely end your session, so you can log in fresh. Until now that has required you to contact our Support Team, which isn't always ideal - as rare a scenario as that is.

To help you "help yourself" we've now implemented a "Force Log Off" option, available to all customers with immediate effect. This feature lets you abandon your session, log you off the system entirely and then let you start over.

To use this feature from the Agility Desktop Web Portal:

1. Go to the Agility Desktop Portal: (you'll need Internet Explorer),

2. Login as usual.

3. Once you're logged in choose the "Forcibly Terminate Session" option.

4. Confirm you really do want to do so - remember this will end it and lose any unsaved work.

5. Wait for the session to end (this might take a short while if you've lots of applications running).

6. The next time you run an application

To use this feature using QuickLinks or the Start Menu > Agility Desktop on Win 7/8:

1. You'll find you've got a new icon in your list - called "Forcibly Terminate Session".

2. Choose this, then confirm you really do want to end your session (remembering it will lose any unsaved work etc).

We hope you find this simple addition useful. If you want to ask any questions, please contact our Support Team who will be happy to assist you.


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