Faster, more reliable Internet for your business, without needing fibre?

6th April 2013

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Broadband speed and reliability is a pretty "hot potato" for many small businesses, especially in Devon, Somerset and Dorset where many of our customers struggle with poor speeds and a lack of superfast fibre access.

One of the services we offer that can really help a small business to make better use of the Internet, saving them time, money and hassle is our Bonded Resilient Broadband.

Great for "Rural Locations with slow speeds"

One of the advantages this service has is that it allows us to combine multiple lines to get a better overall internet speed. If you can only get 1-2 meg internet speeds from your rural line, we can use the Bonded Resilient service to give you as much as 4 times the speed - and it applies to upload as well as download, making it easier to use services such as Remote Backup, sending large files or even taking advantage of Cloud Services.

Great for businesses that depend on Internet Access to function

For business that depend on Internet Access, speed may not be the issue, but reliability and availability of the broadband might be a big factor. Our Bonded Resilient service can help you too - it lets us give you the advantages of extra speed under normal conditions, but crucially handles line failures with ease, keeping you connected without needing to manually swap connections or simply ending up offline. Plus, as we try and work to minimise the common points of your connection as much as possible, we can help you guard also against provider network failures, wholesaler service issues and other often hidden risks to your internet access.

We can even offer you a triple redundant service in many cases which has a "last chance saloon" option to keep you connected in the event of a major issue, all without the cost, hassle and slow speeds offered by a typical leased line.

Perfect for a business with remote workers and offices

Customers often tell us that remote workers, home works and branch/remote offices get frustrated with connection speeds, especially when they're having to "dial in" or use a VPN or Remote Access tools to access a server or other resource at another office. Our Bonded Resilient service helps here too because remote workers are restricted by the upload speeds of a connection, which are a fraction of the headline download speed. By using the bonded features, we can seriously increase the speed you get. In some cases too, we can not just quadruple upload, but crank it up by a whopping 8 times your current upload speed - wowsers!


Want to know more?

Give our team a call on 01392 950 950 and let us provide a quote for our Bonded Broadband service. You can also take a look at the product on our Bonded Broadband Pages, or download the PDF Product information sheet.


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