Protecting your IT Systems in Devon during Flooding and other Disruptive Events

6th January 2014

In a somewhat typical blog, today we're talking about how you can ensure your IT systems are protected against disasters. With the storms and poor weather having considerable impact on businesses in Exeter, Devon and Somerset in particular, there's never been a better time to make sure your business has everything covered. The picture shows Exeter just before a thunderstorm arrived and caused considerable issues for some companies.

There are 2 real areas to consider - the first is looking at what you can to do to avoid disruption to your systems - eg keeping the systems operational so staff can continue to work. The second is looking at your contingency for if something goes wrong, equipment gets damaged and so on.

Keeping Things Going

Keeping your IT going can be challenging, particularly during periods of poor weather such as that being seen across Devon, Somerset and Dorset in particular at the moment. If you've got in-house IT systems, you should consider:

Sorting Things When They Go Wrong

If the worst does happen, maybe you'll need some help getting operational again. Here are things you should have in place to make sure you can operate quickly as well as ways VPW in Exeter can help:

Want to know more, protect your business and get professional help?

Give our team a call on 01392 950 950 - we'll help you with practical assistance. If you're already too late and disaster has struck, don't worry as we'll do everything we can to help you anyway and make sure you're protected for the future too.

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