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17th June 2013


At VPW we like to help customers get the IT that they need to improve the role of IT in the business. From simple tasks through to helping automate and improve efficiency, IT can be a fantastic asset in your business when it's done properly.

Of course investing in IT systems can be costly and difficult and sometimes despite needing new IT systems, cashflow makes it difficult to invest and improve. We think that's a bad thing and shouldn't act as a barrier to growth for your business.

Fortunately we can help - with VPW IT Leasing. It's a simple and affordable way to allow your business to get the IT Equipment and Software it needs without huge up-front expenses. Available for most Hardware, Software, Networking and Telephone Systems sold through us, it's flexible too. Unlike some vendors "leasing" deals which restrict you to a specific brand of equipment, with us it doesn't matter who makes the equipment so we can help you get what you want and need, and not just what's on offer.

A typical plan lasts for 3 years, after which you can look at refreshing your equipment and taking a new agreement - so you can stay up to date, and the plan has a simple, fixed cost (paid each month/quarter) with very little administrative charge and a single, low interest rate. Available for purchases from as little as £500 upwards, it's a great opportunity to let your business get the right IT Systems in place.

Why not call our team on 01392 950 950 and see how we can help, or alternatively take a look at our IT Leasing Pages. Alternatively you can make an online enquiry .

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