Fibre Broadband - now in Sidmouth

24th April 2013

Businesses and residents in Sidmouth will soon be able to make use of new superfast broadband connections as BT rolls out fibre optic upgrades in the town.

The upgrade is great news for the town's businesses in particular, who will be able to benefit from faster network speeds and productivity, and cut expenditure in the long run. It's also hoped the increased capacity will encourage the growth of more businesses in the town, many of which will be able to benefit from local Devon computer services.

The roll out is part of the £2.5 billion investment by British Telecom, which has already seen 100,000 homes and businesses in the region enjoy the upgrade to fibre optic. A further 56,000 premises in evon are also inline for upgrades this year, according to the internet service provider, which is great news for Devon-based businesses.

Among the many benefits, Fibre can provide a real boost to customers using Cloud Services from VPW's local Devon computer services, as the enhanced speeds and reliability can make it realistic for busineses previous stuck in the internet slow lane to take advantage of the extra flexibility these services can bring.

At VPW we've been offering our customers Fibre Broadband for some time and offer a range of Small Business Broadband products, and the team can help make internet faster for your business. Find out more about when you can/can't get fibre broadband with our Fibre Broadband primer. If you're looking at upgrading your Internet Speeds, whether you're able to get Fibre or not, VPW can help your business get a better connection.

Contact us today on 01392 950 950 and speak with local Exeter & Devon based Business Broadband specialists.

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