If it's physically accessible, it isn't secure

2nd January 2014


The BBC have published an interesting news article recently discussing a recent bank fraud case that has been investigated resulting in thieves ultimately being able to empty cash machines.

What makes this case interesting is that they managed to use USB sticks in Cash Machines (or ATMs as they're more specifically known), by cutting the casing for the machines open to get access to them.

The assumption by the banks was clearly that since the USB socket was behind a bit of casing, it would be safe - the reality though is that failing to disable them from use, restrict the acceptable keys that could be used or better yet, not fit them in a way that makes them accessible through such a simple attack would have been better.

The basic moral of the story is that it's simply not enough to rely on basic protection when it comes to physical security - while most customers won't be running cash machines, many have servers and other equipment that should be properly protected, locked down and have access restricted by physical as well as logical means. This helps also protect against "fiddlers" who like to mess around with systems in the guise of trying to be helpful.

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Image Credit: methidshop.com (flickr.com)

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