1.2m Premises Added to BT Fibre Broadband Roll-Out Plans

14th February 2013

BT has announced that another 1.2 million properties are set to get access to their fibre optic services by 2014. We've been providing Fibre broadband to our customers since it was launched and know it offers real benefits.

You can see what Stage Engage have to say about our service and the difference Fibre makes in our Business Broadband & Telephony Case Study or call us on 01392 950 950 to find out how our Business Broadband can improve your Internet connections.

With that in mind, the news that the increase builds on the £2.5bn roll-out BT announced in 2010, which was aimed at bringing access to its fibre broadband network to 66% of the UK population by spring 2014. The additional 1.2 million connections will see the eventual total rise to 19 million connected homes and business, with the same deadline as the 2010 project.

Almost 100 telephone exchanges across the country will receive the fibre upgrades, but BT was quick to point out that connections between the exchange and some properties my take longer, as it was dependant on current network topography and costs.

The announcement was widely welcomed by businesses, especially those in rural areas such as Devon computer services, who are keen to make use of the increased broadband network capacity.

Want to know more about how Fibre works and when you can get it?

Have a look at our recent "Fibre Broadband: Why can't I get it?" Blog

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Image Credit: didbygraham (flickr.com)


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