Computer threat uncovered through hole in Java

8th February 2013

In some rather alarming news realised by internet security experts, a security flaw has been found in Java Software meaning that millions of computers all over the world could be vulnerable to data theft.

It was discovered by an operational arm for the US Department of Homeland Security, stating that Java 7 Update 10 and earlier versions could allow a remote and unauthorised attacker to execute arbitrary code, which would in turn give them access to the machine, through an unspecified vulnerability found in the software.

Because Java is commonly installed on computers running all kinds of operating systems - from Windows to Mac OS X and Linux too, it potentially puts millions of computer users across the world in danger of being hacked. With the crooks being able to access your computer through the user doing something as simple as clicking on a malicious link, internet users are being urged to be careful while browsing the Internet.

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