Traditional Security not up to Targeted Attacks

26th June 2013

PC security experts Trend Micro recently commented on the state of modern network security, saying that more needs to be done to protect businesses from targeted attacks.

The vice-president of security research at Trend Micro, Rik Ferguson, said that the more traditional PC security struggled to cope with targeted attacks as the attacks are designed to circumvent modern security systems.

The real danger of a target attack, however, is that current businesses believe that they're already protected by their security setups, not seeing the danger of system intrusions via indirect paths and stealthy movements.

Awareness of these risks is building slowly and businesses should be looking to local IT support, such as VPW, Somerset IT and computer support providers who are in a position to make the necessary tweaks to protect the networks and systems in place and guard against the risks. The news of vulnerabilities like this also highlights the importance of regular system audits to make sure network security is keeping up with modern threats - our Healthcheck Services and Proactive Server Maintenance can help with this as part of your security considerations.

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