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21st March 2014

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OK so you're probably thinking "isn't this a little biased since you ARE an IT Support Company". Well yes - that's true enough but the principles you'll find here apply generally. If you've ended up here because you're looking for an IT Support company - especially in Devon & Somerset then of course we'd love to hear from you, but our guide is something you can read and keep, whatever you decide to do! We'll take this from the idea that you at some point bought new computers that now need a little TLC...

Computers not feeling as sprightly as they did?

Even if you recently purchased computers for your small business or home and it features the newest technology, is faster than you could have imagined, there will come a time when it will need an overhaul and a little TLC.

Typically this may include malware removal, program updates or just a general clean up if it starts to slow down. Of course you might want something more advanced - such as better ways for staff to share files, e-mail and so on, or have other issues beyond the computers themselves.

If you're not a very computer/IT literate, it might be hard for you to work out what needs doing and how to gauge whether companies offering computer support and repair services are worthy of your business. In order to avoid contacting an unworthy service which could make things worse or just waste your money, there are some things you should consider before making a decision as to which company you employ and questions you should ask:

Does location matter?

It all depends - if you've smashed a screen on a laptop then a local IT company is going to be the most sensible choice, but if you're looking at more complex IT then the location may not be too important. Modern technology is mostly managed remotely, or for Cloud Technology services location independent. However it might be worth considering how far the company is from you - and how they can help with "on-site" needs.

And a bit about us...

You're welcome to take our guidance and use it with any supplier of course, but if you are looking for Business IT Services you might find we're a perfect match for you. We're based in Exeter, Devon and while our customers do span the country, we mostly serve customers in Devon, Somerset and Dorset. We've been around since 1998 but Ltd since 2003, our engineers have years of experience and are certified - for example as Microsoft Certified Professionals (among other things). Our support can be provided in-person, via remote support, e-mail and phone and we offer service levels and response time targets on our Committed IT Support plans.

If you're asking around and the companies you're evaluating can't answer the questions above as we've done in simple terms, you should consider again - IT increasingly matters and is critical to more and more businesses so it does pay to take the time to find the right partners for you.

Want to know more or speak to us?

Give our team a call on 01392 950 950, we'd be delighted to chat to you. Don't forget you can get an idea of our Products & Services here and get more background as well as case studies in our "About our Company" section

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