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18th July 2014

Nobody really likes backups - it's not an interesting topic for most, but it is vital to protecting your business. So what should you actually backup to protect yourself from loss of data?

In today's day and age everything we do tends to be on a tablet, laptop or desktop PC. We store huge amounts of data including photographs, letters, spreadsheets to name just a few.

Our Guidance to Home Users...

As a general rule you should back up your important data for a home user at least once a week. you should consider as a minimum backing up to an external device like a USB Hard drive or large Flash USB Drive - and NOT leaving it connected (why? because some viruses will destroy the backup too - see our Cryptolocker Blogs for an example), although it's worth considering a Remote Backup product for better, automated backups.

You should consider undertaking the following backups in case of that unfortunate disaster:

Regularly backing up can save you a huge amount of time and headache, if you are unsure or would like further advice on undertake regular backups as a Home User, speak to our Home User team - Blue Ribbon Computers.

Our Guidance to Business Users...

As a general rule you should back up your important data for any business user every day. If you're just working on standalone desktops and laptops, we recommend you ALWAYS use a Remote Backup tool - installed on each computer. This makes sure your backups are automated, taken off-site and encrypted for security. If you've got a server then you should definately backup using Remote Backup tools.

Please remember that most of the "Online Backup" tools that you can get are aimed at home users (especially if they're ultra cheap) and won't be adequate to protect a typical server with business applications at all!). That's why you should use tools such as our Remote Backup for Small Business Servers

You should backup the following as a minimum:

Need some help getting your backups in order?

No problem - if you're not yet a customer, just give our sales team a call on 01392 950 950 and we'll see how you can helped with your issues. If you're an existing customer, click here and find your support contact information.

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