World's Most Expensive Tablet on Sale

4th February 2013

The world's most expensive tablet computer is due to go on sale in February, and many people are sure to snap up the Surface Windows 8 Pro when it hits the shelves. Due for release on 9 February, the tablet could be the device to rival Apple's iPad.

This latest version of the tablet runs a full version of Windows OS, can run programs such as Microsoft Office and Photoshop as well as tablet apps, and is available in 64GB and 128GB models, making it a very impressive piece of hardware. A tablet that has all of these credentials does come in at a high price however, and users can expect to pay upwards of £700 for it.

Although Microsoft's new Surface Windows 8 Pro is an ideal device for those who need the best in power and performance in the office and on the go, those who are business savvy will know that it is far more important to have the technical kit that does the job, rather than the latest device available. Much like those looking for computer support in Newton Abbot should have IT support that suits their business needs, the Surface Windows 8 Pro is a great idea for those who need it.

Despite the cost, we're excited about this as it marks the first time a credible device that can be as useful as a tablet yet as productive has launched. Since the Surface features Windows 8 Pro, just like a normal PC, it'll also work with our Agility Desktop, Agility Desktop Web Files and Agility Mail Cloud Services. If you've been looking for a device that makes Web Surfing fast and simple, want the benefit of Touch Screen but still want a keyboard so you can be productive, the Surface Pro is our recommendation right now, despite the price.

Our team can help you choose the right mobile computing solution - we're on 01392 950 950.

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