Small Business IT Support Services - from VPW in Exeter, Devon

Got an urgent IT Support need and want our help fast? Please call: 01392 249189 and we can get you started.

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Why do you need VPW?

You want reliable IT Services. You want an IT support company that is small enough to care about your needs, but large enough that you can depend on them to have expertise, experience and people ready to help. You want a company that is happy to help regardless of your industry sector, how big or small your company is, and regardless of whether you just need simple IT Support or something more involved.

VPW specialise in working with Small Businesses to deliver robust IT that you can depend on - we're based in Exeter, but cover Devon, Somerset and Dorset (and further afield in many cases too!), and can help you whether it's about in-house servers or using the cloud. We're Microsoft Partners, we've many years of experience and we're certainly no fly-by-night company, so with us you're in safe hands.

What are the support options?

You can pick from a range of IT Support plans:

  • Pre-Paid IT Support
    Perfect for smaller companies with occasional need for someone to help - and a good way to try us before you commit on a longer term. Once you sign up with Pre-Paid IT support and have purchased your pre-paid hours, support is available immediately. This is a really popular plan if you're looking for a company to solve an immediate or short term problem!
  • Committed IT Support Plans
    A great way to get monthly allowances for support, more proactive assistance and discounted service offerings & perfect if you're a growing company, need out of hours help or simply want to know every month your employees can get help from us but without breaking the bank. This plan is popular with companies who want to get a better service level, and work with someone as a true IT Support Partner.
  • Unlimited Support Plans
    Ideal where you have a lot of demand for IT Support, have a larger company, and where you would rather pay a fixed sum each month for your break/fix IT Support, safe in the knowledge that we're here to help you & of course you get benefits from our Committed IT Support Plans too! These plans suit the larger company typically who use us as an outsourced IT Partner with a range of our Managed Services.

What does it cost?

Support Plans start at an effective hourly rate of just £35.00 per hour. The rate will vary depending on the service plan and what you need from us. Unlimited plans are a little different as they're typically provided as part of of more involved setup with us.

How long does it take to get started?

You can be up and running with IT Support within minutes - on our Pre-Paid IT Support Plans we've had customers receiving support within 15 minutes of calling and signing up - ideal if you've got a critical problem right now!

What about contracts?

Our Pre-Paid Plan has no on-going contract at all - you buy a set number of hours, and they remain on account until used (or a couple of years expire). No ongoing commitments, no other services needed.

Committed and Unlimited IT Support Plans normally require some form of contract as they're an on-going committment - we'll discuss this with you on a case by case basis as we're happy to offer customised plans to meet your specific needs wherever we can.

Sounds great, what do I do now?

We'd normally recommend you give us a call to discuss your needs - just call 01392 249189 and we'll be happy to answer any queries and explain our services. You aren't obliged to sign up with us of course! You could alternatively contact us online by completing our Sales Enquiry form - although if you have an urgent issue it's almost always easier to call us so we can provide immediate help.


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