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The perfect option for small teams looking to share mail accounts and work more productivity - for example Finance Departments, Support Groups or Sales Teams
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So what is Agility Mail?

Agility Mail is a hosted – or ‘Cloud' – e-mail and organisation solution, based on Microsoft Exchange, the industry standard. It's really easy to use, it works with MS Outlook and the web version looks and feels like Outlook – yet you can log in from anywhere. Better still, you get serious business benefits, like calendars, contacts, automatic backups and auto synchronisation.

You can access your e-mail wherever you're using your smartphone or tablet, and it looks and behaves just like the MS Outlook your team is used to. Best of all, it demands no costly upfront investment, and we do all the upkeep, upgrades and maintenance for you.

Is Agility Mail suitable for you?

If you know the issues you have with your current e-mail and wonder if Agility Mail can help, have a look at our "What can Agility Mail help you with?" page.

“I can access my e-mail wherever I am, so I never miss a customer enquiry – and I've made big savings compared to buying hardware in-house”

What Mary 'WAnts to Do' More MIGHT say

What does it do for you?

  • It's flexible – perfect if you travel, change desks or work remotely
  • It's scalable – add or change accounts with ease
  • It's affordable – because it's a hosted solution, there's no need for you to invest in expensive in-house servers
  • It's worry-free – we look after everything, and guarantee your e-mail is safe, secure and always on
  • It's user-friendly – Agility Mail works with Outlook, the most popular business e-mail software, so no time is wasted in training or learning to use it
  • It's safe – all your e-mails are backed up to our ultra-secure data centres, so you know everything is safe and secure



Want More Information?

Read the next page to find out more about Agility Mail, including:

  • What type of businesses would benefit from Agility Mail
  • What options are available
  • How much the service costs

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Why upgrade from Basic POP3, IMAP or Web Mail E-Mail Services?

If you've got another e-mail service, find out why Agility Mail is a better choice for your business.

More Technical Information and Background?

If you're interested in understanding more about what "Cloud E-Mail" or "Hosted Exchange" is, have a look at our "Technical Information and Background" page.

Want to buy Agility Mail or speak to us about it?

Talk to us about your requirements, and any existing system you're using that we can migrate you from today there's no obligation of course. Call 01392 950 950 or enquire online.


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