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Critical: Malware/Ransomware Issue

Read our guidance to the issue affecting computers globally including the NHS and understand what to do, and how to improve your safeguards against these attacks

Published: 15th May 2017 by VPW

Connecting Devon And Somerset

Job Opportunity: Junior IT Support

We're looking for someone keen to work in the IT industry to come and join our team.

Published: 20th January 2017 by ADM

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Job Opportunity: IT Support Engineer

We're looking for someone to come and join our taem as an IT Support Engineer with some prior experience

Published: 20th January 2017 by ADM

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Job Opportunity: Customer Service, Administration & Book-Keeping

We're looking for someone who wants a mixed role providing Customer Service, Administrative Support and a little Book-Keeping to support our existing team.

Published: 23rd December 2016 by ADM

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Ransomware Hitting Your Wallet

The latest Malware trends are known as Ransomware - so called because to get your data back you have to hand over a ransom (literally your money). Find out more.

Published: 8th June 2016 by admin

Connecting Devon And Somerset

Why You Need Broadband Contingency

Recent experiences for businesses in Luppit in Devon show why you need to be prepared for broadband failure

Published: 10th March 2016 by CS

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Discover the arrangements for Christmas & New Year Technical Support services.

Published: 1st December 2015 by CS

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Nominet Accredited Registrar Status

We've achieved the highest standards possible and become Nominet Accredited Registrars - this means we're committed to the highest possible standards when looking after your business & brand domain name portfolio.

Find out why we're a good choice to be your domain name registrar and how we can help protect your brand.

Published: 8th August 2015 by CS

Windows 10

Windows 10: VPW Service Compatibility

Everything you need to know about using Windows 10 with VPW Services, Products and supported Hardware & Software.

Published: 27th July 2015 by CS

Windows 10

Should you reserve a copy of Windows 10

Don't be in a panic - there's no real need and don't upgrade immediately - let early adopters test for compatbility and issues and not your business!

Published: 1st July 2015 by JP

Windows 10

Hot Issue: AVG and Windows 7 Problems

We're seeing a huge demand for technical support as a result of a problem with AVG Software and Windows 7.

Published: 23rd June 2015 by VPW

Anti-Virus Protection

Linux Hosting: WordPress Vulnerability

There's another vulnerabiltiy in the popular Wordpress package going around - and it's very likely to affect you if you're using Wordpress. Find out more here.

Published: 7th May 2015 by Support


Changes to Billing, Invoicing and Services

Existing Customer Information: We've been launching new products, but also making changes to our Billing and Invoicing - get an overview of the changes.

Published: 19th March 2015 by CS

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Microsoft Partner Status Renewal

VPW is pleased to confirm that it's renewed the Microsoft Partner Status for another year, and remain accredited MidMarket Solutions Providers - as well as having Education Reseller credentials!

Published: 19th February 2015 by CS

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Introducing Windows 10...

In deepest, darkest Devon, our team have been busy trying out the next generation of Windows - have a look and see what's coming later this year...

Published: 10th February 2015 by JP

Windows 10 Logo

Viruses & Malware - The Kryptic Trojan

Learn about the latest trend our IT Support Team are seeing with Viruses and Malware - specifically the Kryptic Trojan that has been increasingly infecting systems.

Published: 5th February 2015 by JP

Anti-Virus Protection

A week of high demand for e-mail

Discover why we're seeing such demand in recent weeks for e-mail services and why VPW offers far more than just IT Support

Published: 26th January 2015 by Vince

Agility Mail feature image

Spam Analysis & Insight: January 2015

Find out what's happening with our update on current trends and analysis of spam.

Published: 23rd January 2015 by CS

Anti-Virus Protection

We're Hiring: Junior Technical Engineer

Want to work in IT and learn the ropes, become an IT Support Engineer right here in the City Centre of Exeter? Why not look at our job opportunity- we're hiring now!

Published: 24th October 2014 by CoL

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

We're Hiring: General Office Administrator

If you'd like to work for a busy company as a General Office Administrator in the City Centre of Exeter, take a look at our job opportunity, we're accepting applications today.

Published: 24th October 2014 by CoL

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Behind the Scenes @ VPW - Backup System Upgrades

Ever wondered what we do behind the scenes to keep things running? Find out about our latest major "behind the scenes" projects...

Published: 26th August 2014 by Tech


5 Bad IT Ideas - NAS Drives (Part 2)

If you're thinking of buying a NAS drive, just don't. Find out why NAS Drives are part of our "5 Bad IT Ideas" and you should avoid them.

Published: 16th July 2014 by Vince


5 Bad IT Ideas - NAS Drives (Part 1)

If you're thinking of buying a NAS drive, just don't. Find out why NAS Drives are part of our "5 Bad IT Ideas" and you should avoid them.

Published: 15th July 2014 by Vince


Fibre Broadband (Superfast Broadband) coming soon to even more Devon and Somerset locations

If you're waiting to get Fibre Broadband, you might find you're soon able to as the rollout continues with more areas getting the so-called Superfast Fibre Broadband service.

Published: 4th July 2014 by Dave

Broadband Services

Be yourcompany.uk - with the new .uk Domain Names now launched

Get your domain name without the ".co" and/or ".org.uk" - from now on, you can register domains simply entering in .uk. Find out how and the costs in this blog.

Published: 9th June 2014 by Vince

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Microsoft Authorised Education Resellers

Adding to existing Partner accreditations, VPW are pleased to confirm that we've met the grade to qualify as Microsoft Authorised Education Resellers

Published: 22nd May 2014 by Vince

Microsoft Authorised Education Resellers

Cloud Screening Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus Upgrades - May 2014

Read about our latest improvements designed to help protect your business from spam and virus/mailware email messages.

Published: 13th May 2014 by Vince

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Choosing Broadband for Small Businesses

Understand your options and things to consider - choosing the right connection for your Business is good business sense and can save you hassle and downtime.

Published: 18th April 2014 by Jem

Broadband Services

Heartbleed Bug : What you should know

Heard about the Heartbleed bug? Want to know what it is and if you're affected or want some help on ideas for changing and having secure passwords? Read on...

Published: 11th April 2014 by Vince

VPW Systems News

Goodbye Windows XP... alight here!

If you're still running Windows XP, it's time to change - XP support has now ended - no more security updates and most applications won't be updated for it anymore either.

Published: 9th April 2014 by Vince

Our People

How to choose an IT Support Company

Not yet a customer? Just looking for advice on IT Support companies. Find out the questions you should ask any IT company before you hire them to help your business!

Published: 21st March 2014 by Geoff

Our People

Feature: Private, Public, Hybrid Cloud

Discover the difference and find out which makes most sense for your business with our overview of technologies and options available to Small Businesses

Published: 20th March 2014 by Jem

Servers - Cloud and Hosted

Happy Birthday to the WWW!

25 Years ago, Sir Tim Berners-Lee started something that has shaped business and the world - inventing the World Wide Web that made web sites and pages a reality.

Published: 13th March 2014 by VPW

Web Site Hosting Packages

Microsoft MidMarket Partner Status Renewed again in 2014

VPw have achieved the standard required to retain its Microsoft Midmarket Solution Provider Partner Status, demonstrating its capability to help IT in your business

Published: 20th February 2014 by CS

Investing in Cloud & Hosted Technology

VPW are pleased to announce further investment in Cloud & Server Technologies to help support small busineses across Exeter & Devon with simple but effective IT

Published: 10th January 2014 by CS

Protecting Your IT from Flooding

Consider how you can keep IT Systems running despite the poor weather and flooding in Devon and Somerset as well as how you can make sure you're protected if the worst does happen.

Published: 6th January 2014 by Eric


Physical Security is an esssential

As a european bank recently discovered after thieves were able to empty cash machines by uncovering a USB port they could utilise to infect cash machines.

Published: 2nd January 2014 by Vince


Solving Broadband Reliability for a Devon Business - with our managed services

Learn how we helped a customer troubleshoot a specific type of issue that caused broadband reliability issues.

Published: 18th December 2013 by Vince

Agility Desktop feature image

Notice: Christmas & New Year Opening

Information on Technical Support availability for customers during the festive season in 2013.

Published: 1st December 2013 by CS

Don't open that e-mail attachment!

Never open attachments from e-mails you don't recognise. Here's a few we're seeing an awful lot of this month across our customer base.

Published: 29th November 2013 by Vince


Cryptolocker - an update

A month after we published our blog about this nasty bit of malware, the BBC and the Action Fraud team in the UK have finally picked up on the issue.

Published: 18th November 2013 by Vince


Faster Business Broadband in Exeter?

Another article in the Express & Echo this week reminds us how Exeter businesses still aren't taking advantage of the faster internet access already available today.

Published: 14th November 2013 by Vince

Agility Desktop feature image

Cryptolocker Malware - Find out more

We've recently seen a customer infected with this malware - find out what it does and how you can defend yourself against the problem

Published: 23rd October 2013 by Vince


Top Tips to Protect your Wordpress Site

All too often people find Wordpress Web sites that have been attacked and compromised. Follow our top recommendations to help secure your web site.

Published: 20th August 2013 by Vince


To Cloud or Not To Cloud

Is the cloud right for you? Should you keep your servers in-house? Are you worried about using the Cloud? Let us help you pick the right technology and avoid the risks.

Published: 16th August 2013 by CS


Getting e-mail on several devices is easy

Setting up your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop to share the same e-mail can be simple. With Agility Mail you can have everything including Calendars, Contacts and even your Sent Items available whatever you're using

Published: 10th August 2013 by CS

Agility Mail feature image

Introducing VPW IT Equipment Leasing

Get the the IT Equipment, Software and Telephony your business needs to grow and improve its systems with a low cost VPW IT Leasing agreement

Published: 7th August 2013 by Vince

Software User in Office

Notice: Domain Name Charging Changes

Notice to existing customers and partners of forthcoming changes to domain name price for generic top level domains such as .net, .org. biz and .info

Published: 8th July 2013 by CS

Agility Mail for Teams

What the boss uses to improve productivity...

Every day I'm asked what I use for various IT solutions - something often causing suprise when I reveal I use the very same technology sold to our customers

Published: 26th June 2013 by Vince


5 Reasons your backups aren't backups

Discover 5 common systems used that appear to be backups to the unaware, but won't save your business when something goes wrong - and see how the VPW Remote Backup solution helps you avoid the risks.

Published: 17th June 2013 by Vince


Hacked Web Sites? FTP Stolen? A lesson in Web Site Security and Attacks

Learn about how FTP details are stolen and used to compromise web sites and how you can guard against these attacks.

Published: 11th June 2013 by Vince

Security Breach - An Analysis

How Devon County Council's Ilfracombe Adult Learning Centre benefitted from VPW Managed IT Services

Find out how the team at VPW helped the Adult & Community Learning Centre improve IT Services to support the education and training facilities in Devon

Published: 10th June 2013 by VPW

VPW Systems News

Announcing Agility Mail for Teams

Making it easier for teams to work together with a single e-mail address, Agility Mail for Teams is a perfect solution for many Small Businesses

Published: 15th May 2013 by Vince

Agility Mail for Teams

Fibre reaches Sidmouth, Devon

Businesses in Sidmouth looking for faster internet access can now get Fibre Broadband from Devon IT Support experts VPW Systems.

Published: 24th April 2013 by Vince

Datacentre Images

Faster, Better Broadband without Fibre

Giving Small Businesses faster internet access, more reliable connectiivty with resilience against faults, all without expensive leased lines.

Published: 11th April 2013 by Vince

Agility Desktop feature image

2,000 Guitars on the Beach - we're in!

VPW are proud sponsors of the UK record attempt to get 2,000 people playing at once on Lyme Regis seafront in September.

Published: 6th April 2013 by Vince

Agility Desktop feature image

Did overheating servers break Microsoft's Cloud Services?

Microsoft recently came forward with an apology for the recent Outlook and Hotmail outage, blaming the downtime on overheating. What does this mean for you?

Published: 15th March 2013 by Vince

Agility Desktop feature image

Agility Desktop v2 is here! Be prepared.

On 1st March 2013 we'll be upgrading your Agility Desktop Service - find out what's changing and what you can expect in the new version.

Published: 15th February 2013 by Vince

Agility Desktop feature image

Agility Desktop: New "Log Off" Feature

We're making Agility Desktop easier to "self maange" by adding a Log Off feature - available immediately.

Published: 14th February 2013 by Vince

Agility Desktop feature image

News: Midmarket Partner Status Achieved

We're pleased to announce we've achieved Microsoft Midmarket Solution Provider accredited status.

Published: 13th February 2013 by Eric

VPW News Logo

Blog: Rent or Purchase Software?

With cloud technology fast becoming one of the hottest topics in IT, should you consider rented software for your business as part of a cloud technology service?

Published: 6th February 2013 by Vince

Software User in Office

To Fibre Or Not To Fibre: Broadband

A quick primer on what is needed to give your business Fibre Broadband and why it isn't always available to everyone.

Published: 9th January 2013 by Vince

Broadband Services

NEW: Cloud Screening Anti-Spam Service

Find out about the new Cloud Screening Service that protects your e-mail against Viruses and Spam and the changes being released.

Published: 8th January 2012 by Vince

E-Mail Services and Screening

Windows 8: What's the Verdict?

Is Windows 8 worth it for your Small Business? Do companies in Exeter & Devon really need to look at upgrading or using the latest Operating System?

Published: 26th November 2012 by Vince

Windows 8

News: Planned Maintenance - November

More information for customers about our current planned maintenance, what's affected and when it will affect your services with us

Published: 7th November 2012 by CS Team

VPW News Logo

Blog: Updating our Infrastructure

Find out about the things we're doing to improve our infrastructure to improve the performance, reliability and functionality in the services you buy from us

Published: 2nd November 2012 by Vince

VPW News Logo

Blog: 5 Reasons to Ditch Windows XP

It's been incredibly successful, but with Windows 8 around the corner, it really is time to give up Windows XP. Your IT will thank you for moving forward!

Published: 17th October 2012 by Vincent Paul Wilton

Standard Business Software

News: Updated Remote Backup Service

The latest version of our Remote Backup Service is now available offering Windows 8/Server 2012 support, faster backups and Cloud Integration, find out more about our Remote Backup Service Upgrades.

Published: 15th October 2012
by CS Team

VPW News Logo

Getting Quality Broadband in Devon

We're asked every week how our customers, particularly those in Devon can get more robust broadband. With queries about relaibility and speeds commonplace, we take a quick look at what options are out there and how VPW can help you get better business broadband service.

Published: 10th October 2012
by Vince

Broadband Services

Half Price Agility Cloud Services Promo

We're offering a 3 months half price deal on our Agility Services alongside a 10% off for rest of the first year promotion during October. Offer available to new and existing customers taking these services for the first time.

Published: 1st October 2012 by Sales

VPW News Logo

Remote Working? Welcome to the cloud!

Confused by all the talk of Cloud, but know you need remote working. Wish your IT was easier and dealt with things like security and backups for you. Think about our Agility Cloud Hosted Services - simple IT that is designed for small business.
Published: 17th August 2012 by Vince

Agility Desktop feature image

What is this IPv6 stuff anyway?

If you've been reading BBC news or other news sources recently you may have been hearing about IPv6 - some supposedly fancy new internet technology. We'll give you a non-technical, simple overview of it, and why it matters!

Published: 18th June 2012 by Vince

IPv6 - why does it matter?

Why computer & data backups matter...

A recent article in the local papers highlights a case where a student has lost her dissertation after her laptop was stolen. On first glance you'd think she would be OK as she had a backup, but as is often the case, it wasn't adequate. Learn how these mistakes are often found in business too and learn how to safeguard against them.

Published: 17th May 2012 by Vince


Microsoft Price Rises - July 2012

Microsoft have today announced price rises which will impact our customers using and purchasing Microsoft Software. Find out more.

Published: 2nd May 2012 by Vince

The Mini Business Audit - £99

How to choose a Web Hosting Package...

Confused about which Web Site Hosting Package you should use? Don't know if you need ASP, PHP, Windows or Linux? Let us help you understand what makes sense for your business and web site.

Published: 13th April 2012 by Vince

Web Site Hosting Packages

How Mary used an IT Audit to help...

Ever wished you had more insight into your IT? Why not meet Mary who knows everything about designing, making and retailing children's toys but doesn't fare so well with IT and needs sound advice to make progress.

Published: 21st March 2012 by Vince

The Mini Business Audit - £99

Welcome to our new Web Site

We're pleased to say our new web site is up and running, with more information about what we can do for you, as well as more help and support for existing customers.

Published: 20th March 2012 by Vince

The Mini Business Audit - £99
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