Broadband Services

Today business needs Broadband. To pay bills, to reseach products, services and keep an eye on competitors. For marketing, e-mail and everyday communications. It's an essential component of any modern business. Given the reliance on broadband, services designed for business use - with great support, business oriented performance and backup make perfect sense. At VPW we know the importance of Broadband service and can offer the perfect, reliable service for you.

We had countless problems with our phone line and broadband. Constant dropouts, line noise and countless engineer visits were some of the things we came to
accept as being the norm. We switched to VPW, the problems were dealt with quickly
and efficiently. We now have a reliable phone and broadband service to our office, backed up
with good customer support when required


Why choose our services?

  • Only For Business - we only provide business grade services
  • Expandable as needs change - we offer single lines to redundant, guaranteed services to meet the needs of business
  • UK Based - no foreign call centres to battle with should you need some help
  • Works with other services - taking broadband from us as well as your IT means you get a single point of contact
  • Advanced Diagnostics - should something go wrong, we can find the issue with access to advanced diags
  • Fibre Broadband - where available we'll offer you faster, more reliable Fibre broadband services automatically
  • Fully Managed - we maintain everything including the router so you haven't got to do anything to look after the system
  • Static Addressing - where requested we can provide static IP addressing


Who does it suit?

Our range of broadband services are designed for every business, and we can offer everything from single lines to multiple, redundant connections or site-to-site links to connect your offices, so there is an option to meet your needs.

Where is this available?

We provide broadband services across the UK, and particularly in Devon, Dorset and Somerset - after all we're based in Exeter.

What's available?

Standard Business Broadband - a single line, with managed router. A choice on options depending on how fast you need, and how much data you're going to need to transfer each month. We offer Broadband Services using standard phone lines, Fibre (FTTP and FTTC) as well as LLU Unbundled Broadband (subject to availability at your local phone exchange and line)
[ Read our Blog "Why can't I get fibre" to find out what's involved and when you can get it ]
See our Fibre Broadband Options >>

Premium Broadband - Faster speeds, the ability to send faster, and options to have dual-lines via different wholesale routes to ensure provider issues don't stop your business operating. Many of our Premium Broadband Services can use Fibre (FTTP and FTTC) as well as LLU Unbundled Broadband (subject to availability at your local phone exchange and line)

Bonded Broadband - combine multiple lines as-one so you can get the benefit of faster speeds - perfect if higher speeds are not available to you, and look at what technologies are available where you are to give you the best possible connections.
Find out more about Bonded Solutions >>

SDSL, EFM and Ethernet Service - next level services which can include Service Levels,
symmetrical access for advanced business needs

How much does it cost?

The right broadband solution for you can vary, so our prices do too, but we offer Broadband from just £20 per month. It can also vary depending on where you are - so for an accurate idea, contact us about your requirements and get a quote on 01392 950 950.

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