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Ransomware Hitting You In The Wallet

The latest Malware trends are known as Ransomware - so called because to get your data back you have to hand over a ransom (literally your money). Find out more.

Published: 8th June 2016 by admin

Connecting Devon And Somerset

BT Network Outage Affects 100,000's+

When BT recently had a major outage, businesses were affected - but still often fail to realise they can have affordable resilience and don't have to rely on BT alone.

Published: 4th February 2016 by Vince

Connecting Devon And Somerset

What can we learn from Talk Talk?

The talk talk breach sounds like a big thing - and indeed it is, but what can we learn from the mistakes at Talk Talk?

Published: 26th October 2015 by Vince

Connecting Devon And Somerset

Devon & Somerset Fibre Broadband Rollout Project Collapses

Businesses looking for Fibre in Devon & Somerset and relying on the Broadband Delivery project to sort them out might be pretty disappointed with today's news

Published: 27th June 2015 by Vince

Connecting Devon And Somerset

Microsoft's Surface 3 - Worth a look?

Should you be taking a look at the new Microsoft Surface 3 device that joins the Surface Pro 3 as the best in class Windows tablet device series?

Published: 3rd April 2015 by Joe


What's the deal with Superfish?

SuperFish has gotten a lot of attention in the IT industry recently - but what it is, why does it matter and what should you be worried about - if anything?

Published: 18th March 2015 by Joe


Windows 10 to be given away?

Microsoft have announced the successor to Windows 8, which will be called Windows 10. Version skipping aside, the real news is that they'll be offering it for free...

Published: 22nd January 2015 by Vince

Standard Business Software

Click Search... and no results?!?

Google and Bing are introducing more filtering to stop results appearing when searching for certain content, but will it actually solve the problem it is meant to address?

Published: 18th November 2013 by News

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Businesses need to adopt technology

Business leaders recently commented on technological uptake, saying that businesses need to adopts new systems to survive in an age of technological change

Published: 13th October 2013 by David

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Anti-Virus still struggling with online

A review of modern antivirus software has found that it still struggles with real-time applications, such as web browsing

Published: 2nd September 2013 by David

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17% of Homes don't have Internet Access

Data released by the Office of National Statistics revealed that 17% of homes don't have Internet Access wihle smartphone/mobile usage has doubled since 2010.

Published: 10th August 2013 by CS

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Cloud Computing for Backup & Disaster Recovery Purposes on the Rise

A survey of over 1,300 IT professionals recently found that the use of cloud computing for disaster recovery appears to be on the rise

Published: 7th August 2013 by David

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Traditional Security not up to Targetted Attacks

PC security experts recently commented on the state of modern network security, saying that more needs to be done to protect from targeted attacks

Published: 26th June 2013 by David

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Teenagers pass on computer skills to pensioners

A new project will see teenagers pass on their IT knowledge to older members of the community

Published: 16th June 2013 by David

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Survey shows consumers distrust businesses storing data about them

A recent survey, featuring over 2000 UK consumers, found that the majority distrust the way businesses store their personal information

Published: 12th May 2013 by David

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BYOD - Bring Your Own Device Risks

A YouGov survey recently found that many businesses in the UK are failing to provide proper guidelines for using personal devices at work

Published: 20th April 2013 by David

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Computer Cooling Firm set to Float

A fast-growing business which specialises in producing cooling foam for computers is set to float on the junior London stock exchange later in March

Published: 16th April 2013 by David

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BSkyB purchases O2 and Be Broadband

British Sky Broadcasting recently announced plans to buy the UK broadband and fixed line businesses owned by Spain's Telefonica

Published: 9th April 2013 by David

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Public Sector Should Upgrade Hardware More Often

Professor Ian Bitterlin recently commented on the state of datacentre hardware in the UK's public sector

Published: 5th April 2013 by David

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Study finds British businesses slow to adopt cloud

UK cloud computing research has recently highlighted the fact that British businesses have been slow to adopt cloud computing services

Published: 2nd April 2013 by David

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Google Drive suffers multiple outages

The popular Google Drive cloud service was recently hit by three service interruptions rendering users unable to access their files and applications for a number of hours.

Published: 25t h March 2013 by David

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Study finds small Businesses risk data loss

A study recently found that under 20% of UK-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) properly backed up their data

Published: 21st March 2013 by David

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A cheaper & better tablet alternative?

Samsung recently released their latest Chromebook which looks set to offer a cheaper and more productive alternative to the current tablet trend

Published: 20th March 2013 by David

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IT News: UK Business Urges Investment

Businesses around the UK recently got together to urge the government to boost the economic recovery by increasing investment in broadband infrastructure

Published: 19th March 2013 by David

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IT News: Apple computers compromised

Apple recently announced that its computers had been compromised at headquarters showing that no computer system is free from the risk of security issues and compromise.

Published: 17th March 2013 by John

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Fibre Broadband Live in Somerset

There was some great news for homes and businesses in Somerset recently, with the announcement that fibre optic broadband was now live in the region

Published: 15th March 2013 by John

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Google release tools to help those with hacked web sites

Google recently launched a new website packed full of information to help webmasters and businesses recover from having their website hacked

Published: 14th March 2013 by David

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Internet Explorer 10 comes to Windows 7

After almost two years of waiting, the latest version of Internet Explorer has finally been officially released on Window 7 - after being on Windows 8 for months.

Published: 4th March 2013 by David

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New Gadgets announced at MWC

The MWC conference has kicked off with announcements of new smartphone and tablet devices from Samsung and Huawei, adding to the growing list of options for small businesses looking to get smarter mobile technology

Published: 27th February 2013 by David

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Most security issues from just 10 apps

A recent study by Palo Alto Networks has found that 97% of all security threats sent across business networks came from just 10 applications

Published: 26th February 2013 by David

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Fibre Broadband now in Cullompton

Busness Internet services in mid-Devon are set for a boost, with new, high-speed, fibre-optic broadband due to be installed in the Cullompton area

Published: 25th February 2013 by David

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Kaspersky Update breaks XP Computers

A recent update to the popular Kaspersky anti-virus software has left thousands of Microsoft XP users with a blocked internet connection.

Published: 24th February 2013 by John

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IT Services budgets on the rise

A survey of IT managers has found that many IT departments are planning to increase spending in 2013

Published: 19th February 2013 by David

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IBM develops security tools to hunt down disloyal employees

Computer giant IBM has unveiled a revolutionary new security tool which aims to help bosses seek out irritated employees

Published: 18th February 2013 by David

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Devon & Somerset to benefit from superfast Broadband

It has been announced that 90% of homes across Devon and Somerset should be benefitting from considerably faster broadband in the next three years

Published: 17th February 2013 by Eric

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IT News: Businesses risking service with cheap datacentres and low grade services

A recent study found that, amid tough economic times, businesses were taking more risks when it came to choosing the right data centre

Published: 16th February 2013 by David

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IT News: BT announce more Fibre

BT has announced that another 1.2 million properties are set to get access to their fibre optic services by 2014 helping Devon & Somerset businesses

Published: 14th February 2013 by David

BT Openreach

IT News: European Latency Research

The European Commission recently put forward €3.57m towards a new research project which aims at reducing connection latency across the internet

Published: 14th February 2013 by David


IT News: Targetted PC attacks on rise

A recently released study found that around one in five firms suffer advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks every year

Published: 13th February 2013 by David

PC Attacks - Datacentres

IT News: Urgent Adobe Flash Update

Adobe recently released an emergency patch after two serious security vulnerabilities were found in the latest version of its Flash Player

Published: 13th February 2013 by David


IT News: Java most popular language

A recent report by the TIOBE Programming Community Index has shown Java regaining its former position as the most popular programming language

Published: 11th February 2013 by David


IT News: MS Security Updates - Feb 2013

Microsoft looks set to release a large security update this February, plugging vulnerabilities in a number of their popular software packages

Published: 11th February 2013 by David

Microsoft Bot

IT News: Java security vulnerability found

A security flaw has been found in Java software that means millions of computers all over the world could be vulnerable to data theft

Published: 9th February 2013 by David


IT News: Microsoft take down botnet

Microsoft recently added a new twist in their security campaign aimed at taking down botnets by hijacking the communication system

Published: 8th February 2013 by David


IT News: Housing trust donates computers to social tenants

The Watford Community Housing Trust recently improved the lifestyles of 25 of their social tenants by providing them with recycled computers. Why not look at letting us refurbish and donate unwanted equipment to help local charities and non-profits instead of throwing away?

Published: 5th February 2013 by David


IT News: World's Most Expensive Tablet On Sale in February

Many people are sure to snap up the Surface Windows 8 Pro when it hits the shelves on 9 February. Is it worth considering?

Published: 4th February 2013 by David

Microsoft Surface Picture

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