A week of demand for e-mail services

26th January 2015

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It might not come as much surprise to many people, but e-mail is by far and away one of the most in-demand services that we offer here at VPW. You might ask yourself why that is - after all, it's not new, it isn't something that hasn't been used for ages and so on. You'd be right - and on the face of it, it does seem a little strange to see so much demand.

However, this week has been an exceptionally busy week when it comes to e-mail related demand - we've moved a number of people over to our flagship e-mail service, Agility Mail - all of whom have been desperate for e-mail they can trust to do business.

So what is it that is causing that demand?

In simple terms, poor service from generic service providers, unreliable e-mail service and the desire to have something that works all of the time, on all of the devices for all of the staff.

Some of those customers had been running mail sevices in-house on servers that were supposed to be managed by a third party service provider. Unfortunately those providers offer terrible service, and ultimately fail to ensure robust mail delivery. Sometimes to make matters worse, another service provider is involved (typically a broadband provider) so there are 3 companies in the loop, with nobody able to offer overall responsibility.

Sometimes they'd have another "Hosted" service - sometimes from a larger well known player, or sometimes with a smaller one. Regardless, a lack of support, reliability and ultimately the simple robust service required prompted the move.

Sooner or later, something happens that leaves that business cut off once too often, and for too long and they decide it's time to get a better service - and turn to VPW for help.

What is e-mail really used for that makes it so essential?

Customers tell us that they use e-mail to communicate increasingly on a global stage, and some of the smallest companies around (by number of staff) are the most demanding when it comes to e-mail because they've large supply chains in foreign countries, making e-mail the vital link for communication between themselves - so when e-mail doesn't work at 6am, the business loses a vital window for collaboration with international partners.

Others, such as accountants tell us that the ability to communicate with key clients, particularly at peak times of the year such as January with the Self Assessment deadlines looming, is nothing short of critical - if they can't communicate with clients, deadlines are missed and fines mount up - no accountancy firm wants to be responsible for clients being late on filing returns, so they often have longer working hours, much higher e-mail volumes and greater sensitivity to problems.

When you think about it, e-mail is so important that it's sensible to make sure it's given the gold star treatment.

How is VPW different?

We built our services for Small Businesses. We've built, customised and manage the very infrastructure that our customers rely on. Whilst "IT Support" companies will send you to whoever they get the best commission from, or let you use whoever without really caring about the overall experience (after all problems make them money, and most of the time it's someone else's service anyhow), at VPW we take responsibility and run the services.

This means we intensively monitor every aspects of our services - we fix many issues before they even affect customers, use our resilience and business continuity plans to keep services running and invest every single month in our infrastructure. We've done this continually since we first started - continual improvement is core to our business objectives.

When something does unfortunately go wrong and there is a problem - which realistically every company has, we have plenty of options - we can get the team working together to help customers mitigate issues, we can rapidly deploy fixes and make sure we take care to consider impact to our customers. We're not at the mercy of a third party who considers us a number, and we don't treat customers this way either - and take great care to try and avoid causing undesirable interruptions.

We know that different customer groups have peak demands at different times of year, so we're prepared and have people on-hand to deliver specialist advice and support to make sure everyone wins. It's no wonder so many people are joining us every week and moving away from the "IT Support" companies of old that simply can't deliver the one stop, fully managed service we put a lot of effort into offering.

When it comes to e-mail, we migrate the service, the historical mail and setup devices, users and every aspect of the service for you - we'll take care of every detail and make the transition as smooth as possible - in fact many customers experience just a couple of minutes interruption - letting you focus on your own business, and not the way you communicate.

If you'd like to talk to our team and find out how we can help your Small Business break away from the troubles of poor IT Services and would like a competent, capable team to take care of it for you, why not speak to us today on 01392 950 950 and we'd be more than happy to help you. After all, we're here to make IT easier for you!

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