IT Support – Pre-Paid Technical Support

What is it?

An expert on hand for help and advice whenever you need it. There are no monthly costs, no retainer fees to pay – you simply ‘top up' your balance, then use it as you need it. We're there for you on the phone and in person, and you're only charged for the time you use. Perfect for start-up companies and those with minimal monthly IT Support needs.

VPW Systems provide a consistently
good and reliable service whilst at the
same time retaining the human touch.
They have the ability to react and
adapt to any situation and importantly
are very receptive to ideas on how to
go that extra mile for their customers.


What does it give you?

  • On-demand support advice for less – usually only an option for large businesses with dedicated IT Teams
  • Available 9-5 every working day - IT Service cover for your systems so business can keep going.
  • Long-term savings – only pay for the support you need, with no minimum support times or charges per incident
  • Complete peace of mind – if you've got a problem or just need to know 'how to', we're ready to help
  • Helps you control your spend – view your balance online at any time
  • Priority Engineer Access – you speak to real people, really fast!


How does it work?

You call us, we help, then we make a note of the time used. The time taken is reduced from your remaining Pre-Paid Balance – so as long as you keep it topped up, you get help without delay. Time is deducted by the minute for our time in helping you (directly – on-site, remotely, and indirectly – researching your issue etc.). Support incidents have a practical minimum charge of 5 minutes - but that's all.

Who does it suit?

The Pre-Paid IT Support Plan is great for businesses who don't need regular IT Support, but when they do need things fixing quickly. It's also perfect if you're unable to commit to a regular spend, or prefer "up-front" spending. If you don't need support every month, this could be the perfect plan for you.

If you think you'll need regular monthly assistance, want support out of hours or want to get extra discounts on our other services, then perhaps our Committed IT Support plan makes sense for you.

Where is the support provided from?

We're a fully UK based company and our head office is in Exeter, Devon. We do work throughout the UK and have clients in places as far as Edinburgh, Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, Leeds, and London (among others) but naturally being in the South West most of our customers are in Devon, Plymouth, Somerset and Dorset - but we can help you wherever you are.

Are there other options that might suit me?

Our Committed IT Support plan works best for companies who need support on a regular basis (such as 1-2 hours a month or more), or prefer spreading the cost of IT Support services on a month by month basis.

Next steps?

Give us a call on 01392 950950 and we'll help you understand the plan and which option makes the most sense for your business. You can also enquire online.


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