Samsung Chromebook 3 a Cheaper Tablet Alternative?

20th March 2013

Samsung recently released their latest Chromebook, the Series 3 XE303C12-A01US, which looks set to offer a cheaper, portable and more productive alternative to the current tablet trend.

The tablet trend has taken over in recent years, relegating netbook style technology to a sideline, but that's a trend Samsung are looking to slow. Their latest Chromebook offers the small, slim, speedy experience of a tablet combined with the extra productivity offered by a more traditional laptop.

The Chromebook 3 has a lot in common with modern tablets, with little internal storage, a mobile processor and the web-based Chrome operating system, but it also comes with the all important built-in keyboard, which really boosts productivity. The notebook style system is ideal for anyone who makes use of the cloud for work and extremely portable. If you're not a cloud user, however, you may find yourself wanting a more powerful laptop.

There are actually plenty of alternatives to tablet - and for many people, devices which include keyboards can be very useful.

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