Cryptolocker ransomware continues...

18th November 2013
Last month we published a blog talking about a new type of virus threat known as Cryptolocker, a particularly nasty type of virus that has been affecting small business customers of ours in the Devon & Somerset areas.

Today, we notice that the BBC has published an article about it, after "Action Fraud" - the UK's national fraud reporting centre has caught up what is essentially old news (when we published our article a month ago, it wasn't exactly cutting edge news then either).

If you haven't read about it, please take a few minutes to check out our Blog article here:

BBC have published an article here:

The Action Fraud item can be found here:

If you are infected with this virus, we strongly encourage you to contact us for advice and guidance - this malware does actively encrypt your content, and does have a genuine time limit before it will remove your ability to recover data.

Call our team on 01392 950 950 for help and assistance with removing this virus/malware.

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