Half Price Agility Mail and Cloud Services!

1st October 2012
Choose to take our Agility Mail and/or Agility Desktop Services during October and we'll give you 50% off the monthly rental prices for the first 3 months to get you started. Plus we'll give you 10% off for the rest of your first year as well after that. We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to use our Agility Services, so we've reduced the price to help you get started with the minimum of investment. Call us on 01392 950 950 - we'd be happy to help you.

So what can you take advantage of

There's Agility Mail [find out more]- our "Cloud" Hosted E-Mail Service. It gives you centralised storage, works with your smartphone (that's Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, Android etc etc). You get generous storage allowances, a powerful web mail interface and it works perfectly with Outlook, and you can also use it with your Apple Mac, various Tablets and so on too.

Add our Agility Desktop [find out more] service and you've got a productivity tool - use Microsoft Office - and have centralised document storage too. It works remotely, so you an log in via a Web Browser, still use your normal copies of Word and Excel (rather than some limited alternatives), and ALL of your files are available.

Take the Agility Desktop Pro service, or buy Agility Desktop Web Files [see a demo] separately and you'll have a Web based file storage system - "cloud storage" - sync files, map drives to make access easier, and upload/download files with ease - including to/from your tablet (like an iPad or the Galaxy Nexus 7 Tablet).

Call us on 01392 950 950 - we'd be happy to help you.

NOTE: This offer is available to NEW customers joining us for the first time, or existing customers who haven't already got an open quote or order from before October for these services. Other terms and conditions apply to this offer as well as our standard terms and conditions. We'll explain all of this to you though, so don't worry.

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