Anti-Virus Software still not coping online

2nd September 2013

A review of modern antivirus software has found that it still struggles with real-time applications such as web browsing, resulting in the majority of malware infections coming from the web and file transfer protocol (FTP) widely used to update web site content.

The review is one of the first to examine a wide range of malware through its entire lifecycle, using a total of 26,000 different malware samples. It found that 94% of all undetected malware was delivered via web browsing or web proxies. The study also found that 70% of the undetected malware actually left identifiers in their traffic which could be used to aid in detection by antivirus software.

The other side of the review looked into FTP as a delivery method for malware, finding it to be a network weak spot, with 95% of malware delivered this way not detected for at least 30 days.

The report highlights how important it is for businesses to make sure they're relying on more than just antivirus software to protect their systems. Protecting your Small Business IT is important as the impact of downtime, loss of data or worse can be extremely costly and damaging to your business. That's why local IT support, such as VPW, the Torquay IT and computer support company are here to help with advice and implementation. Let us help minimise your risks and give your business a healthy and safe IT environment that lets you get things done.

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