BT Network Failures affect Broadband

4th February 2016

BT offers a range of Broadband Services under it's "retail" brands "BT Business" and "BT Consumer" and recently a serious outage caused a loss of service to "hundreds of thousands" of customers nationwide.

Unfortunately many businesses still believe that they can only get broadband from BT, and therefore don't look for other options, or speak to Broadband Specialists like ourselves to see how we can help deliver a more reliable broadband service to the business and end up suffering when issues arise.

The reality is that BT offers broadband in 2 ways ... as a retail "broadband provider" - but also as a "wholesale" provider and in this case the fault only affected the retail side. The wholesale side is used by hundreds of other providers and can avoid the issues that arise. Beyond this, a huge number of areas can also take advantage of non-BT infrastructure - even if the last bit of cabling is "BT Openreach" cable, using a technical process called "Local Loop Unbundling"

Accordingly, using our Managed Resilient Broadband Services which includes providing connections with as much resilience from each other and presenting them to you as one fast, reliable connection to you a small business like yours can avoid outages and interruption. Our typical customer enjoys reliability that approaches or can even exceed Leased Line reliability with a considerably smaller cost that makes it affordable.

The outage BT experienced started at around 14:30 - and lasted until the following morning for some customers - although they claim it should all be sorted by 23:00, which meant for many businesses they couldn't arrange product shipping, dispatch orders or complete payroll or end of day banking tasks, so it's worth considering how much of a disruption these types of issues are for your business when evaluating how important the internet is.

Our team can help you choose the broadband solution - we're on 01392 950 950.

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