Windows 10 to be given away for free?

22nd January 2015

Windows 10

Is it some kind of joke? Well no - but there will no doubt be some catches as Microsoft announces that Windows 10 will be given away.

More information will surface, but the general proposition is that Microsoft is planning on making Windows 10 editions free of charge for a limited time at launch to encourage people to move away from the legacy versions they used before.

It's actually probably a great idea and will help people move forwards at a lower cost - assuming they've got computer hardware that's not so old it needs replacing anyway of course.

In fact it's caused enough of a stir that despite the news only breaking this week, we've found customers in Exeter & Devon have been asking us as we visit them if they'll be able to get Windows 10 free when it launches - of course we'll see in more detail over the coming weeks exactly what the limitations will be - but it does sound very much like we'll be able to enjoy fresher, newer technology without so much expense soon!

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