Changes to Services, Billing and Invoicing

19th March 2015

From time to time we make changes to our Products and Services. This can happen for all kinds of reasons, from changes to the cost of providing a service, changes in how we operate the service - which can often mean upgrades for customers without extra cost or removal of old services that can no longer be maintained.

Existing Customers may be noticing that invoices are starting to change for on-going renewable services - we wanted to share a little more to explain what is changing and why since this can have an impact for you in understanding the billing:

This year we're doing a considerable amount which is also combined with some pretty significant changes to our billing systems. The main differences will be:

- Some of our oldest products, particularly Hosting and E-Mail services will be getting discontinued and customers moved to one of our current packages. For most customers this means you might see a small rise in pricing - and for the majority, this could be the first change in over 10 years. However, you will receive a better Hosting or E-Mail Package as well - and in many cases this could be a huge improvement since services have come a long way since those old packages were sold.

- Changes to how we name and organise products - in some cases this may look like you're getting a downgrade - for example some customers on a "Silver" package may now find they're on a "Bronze" package - all that's happened is that we've dropped the old Bronze Package, renamed the existing ones down one and added a new "top tier" product - but you'll get the same service (or sometimes better) - and no interruption will be expected.

- For some customers you might see a price rise where we remove old promotions that have long since expired - this typically affects you if you receievd a contract which included a discunt for the duration of that contract - our terms and discounts have always been based on you being "in contract" - so if you're no longer in contract, you shouldn't get those discounts but some people have slipped the net - this is now being corrected. We recommend that if you are out of contract you work with us to agree a new contract - the chances are you can get a better service or an upgrade and better pricing, so it's worth talking to us. Alternatively you can also save money on most services by switching to Annual Billing.

- Sometimes Services that used to be listed as 2 different items will be combined - we are doing this where the service provided cannot be taken without another, so there is no need for them to be listed distinctly - this cuts down the number of items on invoices and makes things clearer for all.

This is a huge project and we have a massive number of product & service lines, and customers with all kinds of services, and we're making every effort to improve billing this year, but if you are concerned, please talk to our team and we'll help you further.

Contact our Team on 01392 950 950 for more information.

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