Windows 10? Should I "Reserve" my copy?

1st July 2015


In recent weeks anybody who has Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed, that is fully up to date with "Windows Updates", will have noticed that they are now being asked if they would like to make a reservation for Windows 10 to be installed on their computer on July the 29th, the launch date for Windows 10.

So should you reserve a copy?

Our current advise to customers is to ignore the invitations to reserve a copy of Windows 10 for the time being.

Ignoring anything else, being offered and almost forced to push the new version onto your computer may not work out, and the software isn't yet "completed" so we can't advise what potential issues you might have - and being an early adopter isn't generally that good an idea on any computer you rely on. We are massive believers in the 'if it works let it be' approach to software - if the versions of Windows you are currently running on your computers meets your needs then we generally advise to wait until full compatbility and reliability testing has been done - it's not a small change and major Operating System upgrades can cause some fairly significant problems.

Will I be unable to get Windows 10 for free though if I wait?

From what Microsoft have said, it appears that the invitation people are receiving is very unlikely to affect their ability to upgrade to Windows 10 after the release date - Microsoft have stated that the free upgrade period for customers running Windows 7 and 8 is anytime within the first 12 months of release.

Will VPW Services work with Windows 10?

As the final release of Windows 10 is not yet available, and we've not yet had time to test the many software products and services comprehensively we cannot yet tell you - but we are aware of some compatbility issues from the testing we have done in a number of products, so we strongly advise customers not to upgrade and certainly not to try the "preview" versions!

What's Windows 10 like?

check out our "Early Thoughts" blog for some background on some of the changes we found:

[ Windows 10 - Early Thoughts and Features ]

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