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9th June 2014

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd - News

Tomorrow sees the biggest change to the .uk domain name extensions in years with the launch of the .uk name in it's own right.

Until now, you've been able to register, and as the most common options (others do exist but have limited usage rights).

From 10th June 2014, it'll be possible to register a domain name ending in .uk - for example, while we own the domain name "" we'll be able to have "".

If you already own a .uk domain name ending in or for example...

You might want to have the .uk version available to you - there's some good news. In most cases, the owner of the domain name will have the right to the .uk version first - and where there is a matching name in the existing domain name setup, the .uk version is reserved so only you can have it - for a limited time.

We recommend you consider adding the .uk version to your domain name portfolio with us. It costs just £30.00 (ex VAT) for the first 2 years including the administrative charge, and then renews on the same basis as other domain names - this simply registers the domain name - and we'll even forward it to your existing or web site free of extra charge. If you want to also start using this domain for e-mail or other purposes, you'll need to speak to us first as extra costs might apply - but the registration cost will remain the same regardless.

If you want to register and you own

Simply contact our team on 01392 950 950, with a Credit or Debit card handy - we'll take your details and charge your card for the £30.00 + VAT fee per domain name you want (£36.00 inc VAT). We'll then process your request and setup any domain name forwarding(s) you want. (Discounts are available if you want 5 or more domain names).

If you want to register and you DO NOT own variants

You can also request any other variants you wish, but if the exists, the existing registrant may take up these options first - therefore we would advise that you simply contact our Customer Services team with any other "un-owned" variants you would like and we'll advise on a case by case basis - we won't charge you for these until we can confirm the details.


Please note that in ALL CASES until we confirm your names are registered in writing, you cannot assume they're available, booked or ready for use - but you'll need to make your payment up-front. Should we be unable to complete this, we will of course refund the fees although it is unlikely this would happen.



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