Why you need to give Broadband more priority

10th March 2016

Broadband Services

Recently there has been much fuss made after an area in Devon, called Luppit had no broadband service for a number of weeks as a result of a failure.

Luppit is a small area, where broadband speeds aren't that amazing in many parts to begin with, but when the service fails, the residents and small businesses in the area really felt the pain - the issues started in late January and took some weeks to get fixed. 2 weeks into the issue, the local MP got in touch with BT to try and get them to sort things out. it actually took a month for some customers to get back online.

The local residents also complained that they couldn't receive better connectivity or use alternatives, but how true was that?

The reality is that it is possible to get alternative forms of connectivity that are entirely free of the BT connection - so it doesn't matter what happens to the local BT service. For a business, not having resilience in your broadband service is an increasingly unwise move - the internet is crucial to many businesses today, so having a plan is also pretty important and can cost less than you think.

So what options were available:

For larger businesses with bigger budgets, dedicated connections can also help you - they do have a much larger cost of course, but generally speaking, relative to the lack of productivity for staff& loss of business, it's a very small cost overall.

Even when something less disastrous happens, it's always wise to have more than one connection - and at VPW we offer a range of broadband resilience services that are designed for Small Businesses, and Home/Residential Installations - such as shared houses that can deliver broadband that under normal operation is faster than the general options available, but also keep you operating through a good majority of typical fault situations - and best of all, they don't cost the earth.

By planning ahead you can avoid sudden loss of service, expensive disruption and the sheer frustration that happens once you realise your Internet & Broadband service is actually pretty crucial to your entire business operating!

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