Why computer backups matter

17th May 2012
While reading the local news online today, my attention was brought to an article about a girl who is currently studying at university, and has been working very hard to complete her dissertation when her laptop was stolen (from her car). This is of course, a horrible incident to happen to anyone - having your property taken without consent is never going to be "OK".

But the tragic part of this is that it appears she had a backup of her files - or so she thought. Like many, including far too many small businesses, she had a USB Hard Disc containing her data - as a backup. However, in what is sadly the norm, that backup was with her laptop, in the laptop bag - in her car. Naturally, the backup is gone too - leaving her without her dissertation. The impact of which is clear for her course and the years of study.

This is something that really brings home in a simple way that you need to take backups more seriously than the majority of people to today. While this case was a single laptop belonging to a student, it's no different when you suffer a loss of data - by whatever means in your business.

The simple fact is that backing up your business data needs to be done properly, and without skimping on costs. All too often we see customers use these arguments:

"I only have a few files and they're just quotes, so I can just re-do them"

"I backup my files every now and then to my USB Hard Disc, USB Key or burn a copy on DVD so I am safe"

"We have RAID hard discs in our server in case one fails"

When you consider your data backups, if you cannot answer these questions positively, you've not done enough to protect yourself against data loss:

Our general guidance to any company is that:

To get backups right, you should:

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Original News Article: "Stolen Laptop had dissertation stored on it which is due in tomorrow"

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