Windows 10 Support: All You Need To Know

27th July 2015

Windows 10

In just a couple of days time, Microsoft will release one of the biggest updates to Windows in many years - being known as Windows 10.

The update is significant because for large numbers of existing Windows Users, the upgrade will be "free", and if you're running Windows 7 or 8 at the moment, there's a good chance you've got a nagging "reserve your copy of Windows 10" icon appearing.

Before you rush off to upgrade, here are some vital things you should know:

General: Not everyone will get the upgrade at once

Microsoft will be "staging" the update since it would be pretty difficult to get all of the computers running a suitable version upgraded at once - so not everyone will be able to receive it immediately. However, it's important you review our notes before because simply upgrading isn't a good idea for many systems.

General: VPW Recommendations

We recommend you consult with VPW about upgrading - and work with us to organise an upgrade where it is sensible to do so - we'll normally do this in a managed fashion for you to ensure a smooth transition and deal with any issues. It's important to make sure you've checked all your other hardware and software is compatible with the upgrade before you go ahead too. In the first instance, we strongly recommend you hold off before you've spoken to our team.

Software and Service Compatibility


1) Agility Mail Compatibility

VPW has not yet confirmed or completed testing on its Agility Mail Services against Windows 10, to check Microsoft Office Version Compatibility, including the soon to be released Office 2016, and we haven't completed testing on Windows Phone 10 devices. In addition, compatibility with the Web Mail feature is not complete.

Summary: If you are running Agility Mail, VPW does not provide support or guarantee it will work, and we recommend you do not upgrade as an Agility Mail user at this time.

2) Agility Desktop Compatibility

VPW has not yet confirmed or completed testing on Agility Desktop at this time - we are aware of some compatibility issues that need to be worked on. At this time, we recommend you do not use Agility Desktop with Windows 10 and therefore should not upgrade your systems. We do not provide support for Windows 10 and Agility Desktop at this time.

Summary: If you are running Agility Desktop, VPW does not provide support or guarantee it will work, and we recommend you do not upgrade at this time.

3) Linux Web Hosting

We have not yet completed testing on the Web Admin and cPanel components, but currently expect these to work. VPW does not formally support the new Edge Browser in Windows 10, but expects the current Internet Explorer versions included to continue to work.

Summary: We are not aware of any issues, but you should use the Internet Explorer and not Edge browser for access to cPanel on this platform for the best chance of compatibility.

4) Remote Backup for Small Business Desktop Products

We have not yet identified any issues with these products under Windows 10, but we do not recommend upgrading to Windows 10 at this time until we have completed extensive compatibility testing.

Summary: We are not aware of any issues, but as extensive testing is required we recommend you avoid using Windows 10 with our Remote Backup service at this time until we have verified reliability of backups etc.

5) Agility Desktop Web Files

We have not completed testing and this is currently unsupported - it is likely you will need to use the Internet Explorer version of the browser in Windows 10 at this time.

Summary: We are not aware of any issues, but do not currently support Windows 10.

6) AVG Anti-Virus Software

If you are using a version prior to AVG for Business 2013, with the latest updates, you must upgrade. AVG is not compatible with Windows 10 on any previous Business release. Customers with managed updates are almost exclusively on this version.

Summary: Supported, providing you're using AVG for Business 2013 edition

7) Broadband Services

All of our broadband services should work normally with Windows 10, but you should be aware that if you do decide to download Windows 10 on multiple computers, you will consume a lot of bandwidth which may cause some issues with performance for users, but will also consume your monthly allowances. We also expect that overall demand will cause general slowdowns of broadband services, not exclusively VPW services, but in general.

Summary: Supported, but be aware of performance and usage impact.



We'll be updating this as we complete testing on services and software and when we become aware of other issues with the upgrades.

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