Working Remotely? Welcome to the Cloud.

17th August 2012
One of the most useful aspects of modern IT is the ability to work more flexibly. Small Businesses are often run by one person, or a small team. Life tends to make it difficult to get to the office every day, and then there's the school holidays and such to contend with. Traditionally it means having to juggle the two, and because technology lets you down, you can't really work from home while the kids are playing with friends.

For some time it has been possible to work remotely in a fashion - mobile e-mail is pretty commonplace for many companies now, with Blackberry devices or Smartphones making it easy to at least keep up to date. The trouble is that working with your files and application software has been less straightforward. Some people work around it by copying files to/fro USB keys etc - it sort of works but is time consuming, a bit annoying and let's face it, sooner or later you need a file you haven't already copied, or you forget the USB Key.

More recently a lot of people talk about the "cloud" - as if it is a brand new thing that can revolutionise your IT world. We'd not go quite that far, but it is making people aware that technology does exist to make working remotely far more straightforward.

At VPW, we developed services specifically to help Small Business and we used hosted technology which people typically call "the cloud" now some time ago, so we've got a mature, stable set of services that are perfectly designed for small business needs.

There's Agility Mail [find out more]- our "Cloud" Hosted E-Mail Service. It gives you centralised storage, works with your smartphone (that's Blackberry, Nokia, iPhone, Android etc etc). You get generous storage allowances, a powerful web mail interface and it works perfectly with Outlook, and you can also use it with your Apple Mac, various Tablets and so on too.

Add our Agility Desktop [find out more] service and you've got a productivity tool - use Microsoft Office - and have centralised document storage too. It works remotely, so you an log in via a Web Browser, still use your normal copies of Word and Excel (rather than some limited alternatives), and ALL of your files are available.

Take the Agility Desktop Pro service, or buy Agility Desktop Web Files [see a demo] separately and you'll have a Web based file storage system - "cloud storage" - sync files, map drives to make access easier, and upload/download files with ease - including to/from your tablet (like an iPad or the Galaxy Nexus 7 Tablet).

All of the services above have these common benefits:

If you're confused by the various terms being bandied around like "Cloud", "Hosted" and so on, but know your business would benefit from more flexible IT that lets you work away from the office, or you want a more straightforward system for your team, why not talk to us. We'll show you how the system works, let you try it and make sure it is the right fit.

Just call us on 01392 950 950 - we'd be happy to help you.

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