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E-Mail Services - E-Mail Essentials Standalone Packages
Assistance on using the e-mail packages, sending e-mail and using the Web Mail service

Can I use the e-mail service to send bulk/mass mail campaigns?

Our E-Mail Essentials E-Mail packages are designed for use as a standard e-mail service. By this we mean for person to person messaging where you're writing e-mails to individuals for normal purposes.

We don't allow you to use your Essentials E-Mail Package for any sort of bulk or spam like activity. Bulk means sending our mass mailshots - typically for advertising/marketing purposes. We don't permit this because standard e-mail services are not suitable for this type of use, and because they can generate very large amounts of e-mail (and bounce backs from failed messages) can cause problems for other customers and/or affect our ability to provide a service.

In addition, many of the larger e-mail providers will not allow sending of large amounts of messages in this way to them, and will temporarily, or fully disable/block our servers - if this happens it will impact large number of our customers.

If you need to send legitimate bulk communications we do offer an additional service that makes this possible - it works differently by controlling and managing large volumes of e-mail properly, and is more "friendly" in how it respects the e-mail servers of other companies.

Regardless, you must always ensure your communications are compliant with UK Law - including the Data Protection Act, Companies House (2006) Act, and The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. For example, sending a marketing e-mail to an individual without explicit consent is illegal (and has been for over 10 years).

Our Acceptable Use Policy explicitly forbids this type of illegal activity, and also covers other cases where it is generally unacceptable to use our services in certain ways. By breaching these policies, we may suspend or terminate your service. If you're in doubt, speak to our Support Team who can give you guidance and help you avoid becoming blocked, suspended or having your account terminated.

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