Contact the Helpdesk

Contact the Helpdesk

Before you contact us:
Is the answer to your query contained within our Frequently Asked Questions? [ view ] - this can save you time and let you "self service" your request 24/7!

How to reach the Support Team

If you want to talk about something technical (a problem with your service, how to do something or other matters of a similar nature), please see below - if you had a different type of query click here.

Service Table Navigation Tabs
Standard Support
Online: Complete the Online Support Form (Takes 1-2 mins)
Phone: Call: 0845 003 8111 Between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri (exc Bank Hols)
Security: You'll need to know your PERSONAL and/or COMPANY password for some queries so we can ensure we only deal with authorised persons.
What plan?

What type of plan do you have?
You have a Premium Support Plan if:

  • You take our "Pre-Paid" or "Committed" Support Plans
  • You have a Support Contract ID starting in "PP" or "CP"

If you do have a PREMIUM Support Plan you have different contact information - click the tab "Premium Support" above


If you don't have a Premium Support Plan...

You can raise a support request to us using the above contact information. We deal with enquiries in "first come, first served" order, between 9am-5pm, and try to respond within 1-4 working hours.

Premium Support - Premium Support gives you the support you need in any aspect of your IT

You may be interested in upgrading your support to get faster responses, extra priority and lots of extra features. Find out more on Pre-Paid and Committed Plans:

Service Table Navigation Tabs
Premium Support
Online: Complete the Online Support Form (it takes just a minute or 2)
Phone: Call: 0845 003 8113 Between 9am-5pm Mon-Fri (exc Bank Hols)
** NOTE: Some accounts have alternative contact numbers **
Security: You'll need to be a NAMED contact OR have the COMPANY password. A PERSONAL password may also be needed in some cases.
Which plan?

You're a PREMIUM Support Customer if...

  • You take our "Pre-Paid" or "Committed" Support Plans
  • You have a Support Contract ID starting in "PP" or "CP"

If you're a Premium Support Customer...
Normal requests can be raised using the details above 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday on normal working days. If you also have one of our EXTENDED HOURS add-ons for your plan, you'll need to see your Welcome Pack or Support Contract Certificate which has details of your support hours (which can be up to 24/7), and your unique support number.

If you haven't got a Premium Support Agreement, cick the "Standard Support" tab above.


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