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Connectivity - Broadband Services
Troubleshooting Broadband Issues, help with connection issues or making changes to your Broadband Service

Do you limit or restrict my broadband?

Speeds and Performance

Our services are business grade broadband. With that in mind, we provide clear guidance on how our services can be used.

Each of our services comes with a typical usage guide - this is the amount of download/upload we feel is reasonable for a customer on a given grade of service. Our broadband is offered on 3 tiers - Bronze, Silver and Gold - each one having a different guideline usage amount. If you reach the guideline amount, you'll normally see no difference to your service as long as you don't make excessive over-use of the line as we know occasionally you can just have a slightly busier month.

If you make excessive usage over and above the allowance, you'll either find your service is restricted in speed or usage. Alternatively we may simply bill you for the additional usage at a per GB transferred rate or simply upgrade you to the next broadband tier.

The reality is that very few customers ever encounter this issue as our packages are designed around a typical business users profile.

Traffic Management

On a related note, in general terms we do not restrict how you can use the broadband service we offer, but we do reserve the right to restrict or limit usage that is not considered to be business essential. While not a complete list, usage of services such as BBC iPlayer, Sky Go, and BitTorrent download (Peer 2 Peer) usage is not considered typical for a business user. If you need to use these services regularly as a legitimate business activity, contact our team to discuss a suitable broadband package for your needs.

We do not actively traffic manage our broadband unless there is a critical incident (for example if our overall broadband capacity is halved due to a equipment failure), or non-business activity is being seen, and normal usage will be performed as fast as the line can support it.

Protocol Blocking

We do not block or control the usage of any protocols. If you wish to run inbound servers, VPNs etc, this is acceptable and typical of a business use case.

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