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Connectivity - Broadband Services
Troubleshooting Broadband Issues, help with connection issues or making changes to your Broadband Service

My usage is much higher than I expected, why might this be?

If your usage is higher than you would expect and we've contacted you (or your service has been restricted/cut off), it is possible the cause of higher usage is due to some sort of compromise on your network.

The most common issues we've seen are:

(a) Server Systems being exploited through running services.

For example, you may have an SMTP Service configured as an open relay, and spammers are relaying mail via your broken server.

(b) Desktop/Laptop Systems being infected/used as trojans in botnets

This is quite common - especially if unrestricted internet access is offered or machines are used without comprehensive security software.

(c) Your Wireless Connection is not secure or compromised

We've seen plenty of cases where a wireless unit is on your network (or added without consent) - is "open" and results in people connecting to it and using it. Typically people who do this will abuse the connection creating very high usage. You are responsible for this usage as it was allowed on your line.

We strongly recommend ALL customers:

(a) Install good Anti-Virus and Firewall/Internet Security Software
(b) Look at having hardware firewalls and review server security
(c) Configure the best possible security on any wireless device
(d) Restrict which devices can log in and use your network

Apart from these types of issue causing high usage, we also find that many customers usage becomes high if users start using Streaming Services - such as BBC iPlayer (for example during major sporting events). Several users connected and streaming will use huge amounts of bandwidth very quickly - our business services are not optimised for this type of consumer style usage. As this type of usage is within your control to stop (eg you can have a policy forbidding it) you are still responsible for this usage. Although not directly our concern, you should also be aware that streaming LIVE TV in the UK requires a TV License (see the TV Licensing Site or BBC iPlayer help for more information).

Please remember that unless you take our Pre-Paid/Committed Support Services where paid support is offered, we cannot assist with troubleshooting and resolving this kind of issue under your Broadband Service Charges.

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