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What happens if I log a non-support issue to support?

If you log a ticket to us to the wrong place, for example to our Support Team, we'll normally inform you of the correct contact information for your type of query. Due to system limitations we cannot always transfer your case.

We split requests to ensure the right information is available to the right people here (for example, our support people have limited "financial" information available to them).

Some of our team are multi-skilled, and may be able to answer requests to multiple queues (or may work in different areas on rotation).

We would recommend visiting the Contact section of the web site (see above), or referring to your Customer Welcome Pack for more information on our contact details - sending your request to the right place will get you the fastest possible response, and we ask that you help us by submitting things correctly.

Ultimately we receive many hundreds of requests, and without some system in place to filter/split things, it'd be very difficult for us to help you!

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