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What is the typical response time for Premium Customers?

When an incident is raised with us and you have one of our Premium Support Plans (for example Pre-Paid Technical Support or Committed IT Support) your incident will be reviewed first and assigned a priority based on the relative importance of the case.

Our core categorisations are as follows:


Critical Issues are reserved for the most important issues that have a wide ranging affect on your business critical functions. For example, if you have a complete outage of a system that is absolutely critical to the entire business operating, it would likely be classified as Critical. Issues affecting a single user are not assigned this rating, unless there are exceptional circumstances. In theory, a case assigned as critical means there is no reasonable mitigation or alternative short term option for you to operate.

A case raised as Critical is normally worked on within 15 minutes of being received, within our working hours. We aim to resolve or reduce the impact within 1 hour. Sometimes if we need to worth with third parties (either our suppliers or yours), it can take longer, but we'll always ensure these cases are actively managed and progressed to the best of our ability.

Remember, if you have Committed IT Support with Out of Hours available, Critical issues can be raised out of hours - please refer to your Welcome Pack for more information.


Issues that are raised as High Priority have a significant impact to a part of your business. For example, a widely used, key system performing slowly might find itself assigned a priority of High. This means that it is processed above a standard or low priority case where there is a clash of demand. Such an incident would normally involve major impact, but not a total loss of a core service, and generally these issues affect multiple users.

We aim to investigate these cases within 1 hour, with resolution or meaningful mitigation within 2 hours where possible. Where possible these cases are handled immediately - especially if there are no critical issues in the system. We aim to resolve these cases within 1 business day (remember if you log an incident later in the day, it might not be fully resolved until the next day).


Most incidents are assigned to the standard pool, and will consist of most general, non-critical issues. The majority of single-person issues and those with some minor impact will typically be assigned this priority.

We aim to work on these cases within 2-3 business hours, and resolve within 2 working days, although the majority of cases are resolved faster - especially when there are fewer Critical or High priority cases. Some cases may take longer as we need to work with third parties more often on these types of case many of whom will have longer response times than ourselves.


We use this for incidents that are non-service affecting such as general information requests. We also use this for any ticket previously assigned to a higher priority that we're passively monitoring after resolving an issue. You may also find this priority used for cases that can be handled "when there is time" to ensure the issues that are more pressing for you are actively handled.

In all cases, please remember that support hours are between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday on normal Business Working Days (except during Christmas/New Year where revised hours apply). If you have Pre-Paid with Out of Hours or a Committed IT Support Plan, you have limited Critical Issues support cover out of normal hours. Please refer to your Welcome Pack for further information.

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