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Information and Guidance on how to reach our HelpDesk and how the service works

How do you process incoming helpdesk requests?

When a case is logged with us, we handle it during normal business hours (unless you have an Extended/Out of Hours agreement with us). The process is roughly like this:

Stage 1 - Assess importance of the case

We'll review the information logged and assign a priority, based on the relative importance of the case. We'll also check if the person requesting support is entitled to do so (many customers choose to restrict access to our services).

Step 2 - Prioritise the Request

If you're a customer with our Premium Support Services, you'll receive support before a customer without these plans, so your request will also be processed differently - especially during peak times where Premium Customers will receive significantly faster responses than those with Standard Support.

Stage 3 - Analyse the request and begin work

An engineer is now assigned and will review the issue, and carry our appropriate work. This may include diagnostics to determine the cause, contact with the customer/end user to understand and work on the issue, or work behind the scenes.

Stage 4 - Updates to Customers

We'll try and update you (normally by e-mail for non-critical cases) as we progress the case or have anything useful to share.

Stage 5 - Resolution

Once we can resolve the issue, we'll let you know and/or ask you to test the changes, fixes or result of the actions taken.

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