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General Billing and Finance
Help with common queries that our Accounts Team receive about billing - you'll find help here with how to pay, where to pay and what happens if there is a problem with payment.

What happens if I don't pay my invoices on time?

If you don't make payment to us, we might take a number of actions to resolve the issue. The specific actions we take may vary, and often depends if you have a history of good payment (where it's likely the lack of payment is a genuine oversight) or someone who regrettably pays all invoices late.

To give you an indication of how things work, we've put together this guide:

Your initial invoice is normally raised at the time you place an order (for one off orders or those where you're taking a new service from us). Where we're issuing an invoice for renewal of your service or the next period charges of your contract, this tends to be done near the beginning of the month PRIOR to your service/billing period start date. This is to ensure you've plenty of time to pay the invoice, keeps you compliant with our "payment in advance" policy and makes sure any genuine issues can be resolved without affecting your services.

Our payment terms are set at 14 days for all customers. We think that's reasonable and it helps us keep our costs down by not providing huge amounts of credit.

If your invoice reaches 15 or more days unpaid, you'll usually get a gentle nudge from our billing system with a copy of your invoice. Again this is to remind you of the need to make payment and give you an opportunity to make payment without any major issues. In most cases, we give a little tolerance to long standing customers whose payments still arrive "in advance" of service start dates and wouldn't take any direct action at this point.

If an invoice continues to be overdue, after around 21 days, we'll send you another reminder - normally from our HelpDesk and make it clear you need to settle your invoice with us. At this stage, we may make further contact with you, and if you take any services with us they may be at risk from suspension - this can lead to further costs.

If your invoice is still overdue after 30 days, we'll normally write to you at the postal address on file. You'll be liable to pay "Late Payment of Commercial Debts" charges in line with UK Legislation. We don't like doing this, and use it as a last resort to try and resolve payment - it is NOT refundable once issued.

If your invoice continues to be overdue, we'll likely take legal action to recover our costs - we really do wish to avoid this where possible and if you're having difficulty in making payment to us, please ensure you contact us so we can try and help you.

NOTE: None of this guidance alters our rights under our Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to vary this process or take other action as deemed appropriate. Please remember that prompt payment is your obligation to us - if you make prompt payment to us, we can avoid additional charges, keep our general costs low and make sure more of our resources are spent helping you and providing better services.

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