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General Billing and Finance
Help with common queries that our Accounts Team receive about billing - you'll find help here with how to pay, where to pay and what happens if there is a problem with payment.

Can the cost of my services change during my contract term?

Where possible we try to avoid doing this as we know people prefer to receive consistent pricing and ultimately we don't like having to change your prices either.

We do however have to be realistic that over a typical contract term, our costs can rise for a number of reasons, and sometimes we'll have to pass those increases on. Our general contract terms and rules are as follows:

All contracts can be adjusted by CPI/RPI once per annum. We do this on an exceptional basis, and usually because our general operating costs have increased. We rarely invoke this clause.

Where our costs include third party licensing - for example software licensing, the third parties who provide/make the software may increase pricing and we'll have to pass those increases on to you. We attempt to minimise this and try to pass just the increase cost to you, with no other additions if we can.

Where the law or other government mandates apply - for example if VAT changes, if a new tax or levy is introduced etc. We will always comply with the law.

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