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General Billing and Finance
Help with common queries that our Accounts Team receive about billing - you'll find help here with how to pay, where to pay and what happens if there is a problem with payment.

I have received a Late Payment of Commercial Debts Invoice, why?

Generally you would only receive one of these from us where:

(a) You're a business customer
(b) You've not paid your bill and we've sent you multiple polite reminders
(c) You've paid us persistently late on previous occasions

Our aim is only to use this as a last resort, or in the exceptionally rare cases where late payments are persistently made against the terms and spirit of our agreement with you.

When customers fail to pay us on time, we enforce our legal rights to charge for this under the relevant UK Laws. This helps us ensure that customers meet the terms they agree to when working with us, and ensures that we don't have to charge our customers for effectively providing credit.

We do not cancel these invoices on a "goodwill" basis, as they are a legally binding charge once raised. If you do feel there are exceptional circumstances we are willing to discuss this with you, but we do ask you respect our need to be paid promptly in order to provide you with good service. Bad debt is bad for all businesses, so we actively try and avoid these problems for our customers ultimate benefit through keeping prices lower and avoiding sneaky "extras" in our billing.

It's also worth remembering that if you've got a good payment history with us, and you've made a genuine mistake and overlooked an invoice, we'll likely notice this and contact you long before you ever reach any late payment charges - we realise occasonally, and despite your best efforts something can go wrong on an exceptional basis!

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