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General Billing and Finance
Help with common queries that our Accounts Team receive about billing - you'll find help here with how to pay, where to pay and what happens if there is a problem with payment.

I have a dispute, and wish to withhold my invoice, how?

In the unlikely situation you have a dispute with us, we would recommend you take the following action:

If the issue is about the AMOUNT you're billed...

Please speak to our Accounts Team - if there has been a mistake we'll happily correct it, or provide advice as appropriate.

If you want to withhold because you feel a service doesn't work...

You must contact our Support Team to try and get your problem resolved. If you withhold payment, your service would be at risk of termination and our usual bad debt process would continue. If there is a genuine issue, our team are normally amenable to discussion surrounding the charges and your specific situation - so please speak with us.

For any other reason...

We strongly recommend speaking to us - the vast majority of issues can be resolved by working with us, rather than against us - after all it is in our interests for you to be a satisfied customer!

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