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General Billing and Finance
Help with common queries that our Accounts Team receive about billing - you'll find help here with how to pay, where to pay and what happens if there is a problem with payment.

I wish to give notice to terminate my service(s), how?

If you wish to terminate a service for WEB HOSTING ONLY...

You can simply reply to your renewal invoice - or contact our Accounts Team. Please note that our Web Hosting Package are billed on an Annual basis, except for some Xi Packages (where a 12 month renewable period applies).

If you wish to terminate ANY OTHER SERVICE...

You must write to us if you wish to terminate. You are obliged to provide your notice in writing under our terms and conditions. Please remember that if you are in any minimum term contract you are expected to pay off any remaining period.

If the reason you wish to terminate surrounds price, product features or an aspect of your service we could look at with you, we would be happy to discuss the situation and see if we can assist you in any way - it's in our interest to help you remain satisfied. In any case, even if you choose to leave, your feedback helps us help others.

If you're terminating because you're downsizing, closing down or other similar scenario, we're sorry to see you go both as a customer and as a business. If we can help you in any way with the closure, our team will be happy to try and assist you as best we can during the difficult time.

To provide notice to us and ensure an orderly close down with as little hassle to you as possible, we ask that you follow these guidelines:

(a) Specify the service(s) you're terminating
(b) Be clear about when you wish to terminate (what date(s))
(c) Ensure the request is on headed/company paper
(d) Make sure it is signed by an appropriately authorised party
(e) If you're choosing to transfer your service elsewhere and the service has a transfer process - for example domain names, give us details of the transfer requested so we can process it for you.

We also ask, for our own use that you let us know why you're choosing to leave us so that we can understand how we could better serve other customers. We'd really appreciate it even if it is too late to help you.

Please send your termination notice to:

VPW Systems (UK) Ltd
Customer Services Team
6-7 Southernhay West

Please note that if any of the service(s) you're terminating include a minimum notice period, minimum contract length or have other termination charges these will be issued upon receipt and payable immediately in accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to when you joined us.

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