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Backup Services - Remote Backup for Small Business
Common queries answered for our Small Business backup services that work on your Desktop, Laptop or Server system, including how to make changes and check the service is working.

What happens when I take a managed setup from you?

Step 1
You place an order with us for Remote Backup for Small Business by completing an Order Acceptance Form, and we’ll issue you with an initial invoice covering setup and equipment costs plus the first quarters rental (or for annual paid customers, your annual charges).

Step 2
You’ll complete payment to us – and meanwhile receive a service provisioning guide from us.

Step 3
Our engineers will configure account(s) for you on our systems, and build the unique installation of the Remote Backup Software to be used for your installation.

Step 4
If your Managed Installation includes an option known as “Data Collect and Import”, you’ll be contacted and arrangements made to ship a drive to you. This drive is used temporarily by us to capture your initial backup and then returned to us. We do this because if you have a particularly large amount of data, taking that backup remotely will take a long time (most broadband connections simply aren’t fast enough to do this in any reasonable time frame).

Step 5
Our engineers will connect remotely to your systems, or if we’ve agreed to, visit your premises. We’ll install our remote backup software, and setup the backup jobs and file selections (eg. the things on your computer that are to be backed up – such as your “My Documents” folder).

Step 6
If you’ve got “Data Collect and Import”, we’ll run a special process to send the initial backup onto the Disk. Don’t worry, the data is still encrypted (to prevent anyone else reading it) before it is saved onto the drive, so even if someone does manage to intercept it in the post, the data cannot be read or accessed by them.

Step 7
If you haven’t got “Data Collect and Import”, our engineers will set the initial backup running on your system(s). This means your computer(s) will compress, encrypt and then send your data to us securely.

Step 8
We’ll receive the initial backups onto our systems. If you had the “Data Collect and Import” option, we’d arrange for the drive to be shipped back to us (or if we came on-site, take it with us where possible).

Step 9
f you had “Data Collect and Import” we’ll then upload the data for you onto our Remote Backup Servers so that our systems have a good copy of your data.

Step 10
Once the initial backups are completed and uploaded, our engineers will adjust the backup schedules for you, to suit your requirements. Most customers take daily backups, and a time is chosen when the computer(s) will be on. It’s always best to do this at night where possible, but if your computers are not on, we’ll look at other times, for example during your lunch time.

Step 11
Backups are done! The system is smart and once it has the initial backup only gets files that are new (eg you’ve created them since the last backups), or those that you modify (an existing file you’ve done more work on). Depending on the type of data you have, and the capabilities of your computer, we can even sometimes use a special process known as “delta block backups”.

Delta Backups are where we analyse the data file(s) you have, and work out which bits inside a file has changed, and just send those bits, and not the whole file again. This works well when you have limited broadband speeds, or you work with files that are large, and only have small amounts of change between backups.

That’s it, you’re up and running!

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