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Backup Services - Remote Backup for Small Business
Common queries answered for our Small Business backup services that work on your Desktop, Laptop or Server system, including how to make changes and check the service is working.

Backups are still running when I come back to use my computer, should I cancel the backup?

We generally do not recommend cancelling an active backup job unless absolutely necessary.

It is important to remember that the time it takes to run a backup can vary considerably as there are a number of factors involved, including:

- The type of backup job - full backups take longer than incremental ones

- The amount of data that has changed - if you've added/created lots of new files, it will naturally take longer to run the next backup job than when very few files are changing.

- The amount of time since the last successful backup was run - this is because normally a lot of files then need backing up and additionally if a backup is failed unexpectedly (cancelled, interrupted by loss of power etc) additional tasks are undertaken to validate the data that is backed up. In some cases too, files will be requested from scratch.

- The speed of your broadband (sending) - as the service needs your Internet Connection, the speed at which it can backup depends on your computer. If the upload speed you have is slow, it takes longer. Please remember that although a typical broadband connection can be "up to 8 meg" or "up to 20 meg", the sending speed is normally between 0.25 meg and 1 meg at most - this has a significant impact.

If a backup job is simply "Missed" (such as your computer not being on), it will resume automatically at the next scheduled opportunity.

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