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Backup Services - Remote Backup for Small Business
Common queries answered for our Small Business backup services that work on your Desktop, Laptop or Server system, including how to make changes and check the service is working.

Does the service allow "delta blocking" and "bit backups"?

Yes - it is possible to configure a job to use this technology if you wish.

Please note that:

- Enabling this feature will require additional space on your computer (in the temporary folders - by default c:\temp and c:\temp\bb).

- We recommend you have twice the space available when using this space as you do files - eg if you're backing up 10GB of files, you should have 20GB free on your system when running backup.s

The best way to use this feature is to setup Backup Sets to use this function ONLY where you're backing up large files - such as database backups, outlook pst files and so on, and use the simple backup methods for normal files.

Mixing jobs like this will increase the speed of backup and reduce the space needed on your system.

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