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Backup Services - Remote Backup for Small Business
Common queries answered for our Small Business backup services that work on your Desktop, Laptop or Server system, including how to make changes and check the service is working.

My backup job completed but has exceptions or warnings, why?

When a backup job is run, it will sometimes be marked as "Successful" but have a status of:

"Backup finished, but with exceptions"
"Backup finished, but with Warnings"

You'll sometimes have an "Exception Count" too.

This means that during the backup one or more files could not be backed up, but did not cause a fatal error causing the entire job to fail. The most common reasons for this status are:

A) One or more files were locked, in use or otherwise unavailable to us at the time the backups ran. This is likely to be because you left some software running (for example your E-Mail, or a Word Document).

B) One or more files are corrupted/damaged and our system cannot get them in order to back them up. You should check your system for issues. This is beyond our normal support (unless you take our Premium Pre-Paid/Committed Plans).

C) While we were backing up the file, it was deleted, modified or otherwise changed - this will cause an exception as the verification will fail.

D) The file(s) could be within the files/folders configured for backup but may not be supported for backup - this is normally for unimportant items like temporary files, desktop.ini shortcuts and other non-essential items that are entirely pointless if backed up.

In normal conditions exceptions are nothing to worry about if happening on an isolated basis. If you frequently get exceptions, it may be worth speaking with our Support Team to understand what the exceptions are.

We also recommend considering a reboot of your computer if you're seeing these as in some cases we've seen files remain locked/in-use in error - a reboot clears this condition.

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