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Hosted and Cloud Technology - Agility Voice
Assistance with Telephony Issues for Agility Voice customers, including Handses, Phone Systems and Conferencing and using VoiceMail

I have a fault with my service - who do I call?

If you are experiencing any issues with your service, you should contact our team.

We recommend you first consult your User Guide which provides Troubleshooting tips and will allow you to quickly resolve the vast majority of issues you might encounter.

If you have done this, and still experience issues, you need to contact our Support Team - your Customer Welcome Pack contains the correct contact information for your account.

Even if you suspect your issue is with the phone line(s) you have, you should not call BT - while a division of BT (known as Openreach) put in the physical lines, you are not a BT customer, and they will be unable to help you (indeed it may even complicate matters as they won't have awareness of the service you take leading to misleading information being given to you).

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