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Help and Answers for all the types of things we're most often asked about our quotes and proposals, including how charges work, how discounts are offered and how long our quotes are valid for

Are there any minimum contract terms?

This all depends on the Products/Services you are looking to take from us. This can vary from item to item.

Many of our business services are for 2 year (24 month) periods. We try to make things as clear as we can on our quotes - and information about any minimum terms is written in the same size text as everything else, so there's no reason you won't see it on the quote.

How do minimum contract terms show up?

It can vary (particularly if we're putting together a complicated or diverse set of services for you), but as a general rule:

(A) On our Order Acceptance Forms you'll find we either have an entry called "Terms: "

(B) The individual item(s) will list the contract term.

For example, if you took a broadband service that included a 2 year term, you'll either see "Terms: 24 Months" or under the item "Contract Term: 2 Years".

It's also worth remembering too that not all of our services have a minimum term, and you'll see "None", or "N/A" shown where this is the case.

Finally, please remember that by default, unless otherwise stated:

(a) At the end of the minimum period, your servics continue on a rolling QUARTERLY or ANNUAL basis (depending on the payment method).

(b) You will need to give us writing in notice to end your services.

(c) You may lose any promotional discounts at the end of the minimum term if you don't agree to a new term.

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